What is giroskuter?

The latest development in the field of vehicles, which vspološila the whole world.

New alarm can serve coffee straight to bed

British designer came up with a device that simultaneously combines the functions of the alarm clock and coffee machine.

How to use a clamp-on eyelashes

8 simple steps to a stunning eyelashes!

How to choose mascara

We decided to publish a few simple steps that will help you choose the perfect mascara for themselves.

5 tips for choosing a pillow

Enjoy a pleasant bedtime with quality pillow.

How to pick the perfect rim?

On that first and foremost pay attention when selecting eyeglasses.

Miracle plaster completely eliminates the risk of cancer returning

Band-aid is struggling not only with the tumor, but the problem of the proliferation of cancer cells. It can be placed in a zone affected by cancer, either before or after surgery to remove the tumor.

Male hormone is detected, preventing aging

A team of Brazilian and American scientists closely engaged in aging human body. 

Scientists have developed an effective method to combat Herpes

The authors have become employees of the clinical Centre, located in the city of Utrecht.

Found two main causes of early death

Swedish physicians named two main risk factor for premature death. A study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

From cancer suffered a further 1.7 million years ago

Paleontologists have discovered in South Africa, patients suffering from protolûdej bone cancer of the bones of the feet and legs.

Find a cure for Alzheimer's disease

At the International Conference of the Association for the study of Alzheimer's disease introduces a new cure for this illness, which lasted for about 30 years.

What is a Segway?

New, innovative, quiet and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Scientists have found the root cause of obesity

A group of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh (United States) detected a gene that increases the risk of obesity for 30-40 percent.

The world's first hand transplant

First British doctors led by Simon Kay (Kay) transplanted to the affected man both brushes from a donor.

Heart rate monitors

They can be considered a necessity, or is this just a passing fad?

Natural or synthetic brushes?

We have compiled a list of tips on how to choose the ideal brush.

Ortokeratologičeskie lenses

This is the modern method of correction of short-sightedness until 6-7 dioptres (and sometimes above), as well as to the hyperopia up to 4 dioptres and astigmatism.

Pool shoes

How to choose footwear that meets the recommendations of the pool?

Round hoops for embroidery

You can use them to get accurate, beautiful, attracted view work.