What is exfoliation

Peeling, exfoliation, polishing, scrubbing-so whether these procedures are necessary?

spa treatment

Most popular spa treatments

Let's look at the most popular spa treatments for body and face

ухода за кожей

How to care for your skin in the winter

Learn how to properly care for your skin during the winter.

skin types

How to determine your skin type

Not to accidentally harm your skin, you must determine the type before applying cosmetics.

Win: acne facial

Bad habits can be of two types: too much concern about their own face or "incorrect" care, such as squeezing pimples.

здоровая кожа

What to do with problem skin

Skin diseases caused by various factors, but in 70% of cases-stress.

уход за кожей

How to care for skin depending on seasons

Equally treat skin in winter and in summer-it's like wearing a fur coat in the summer heat or sandals in the winter ice.

маски для лица

Cosmetic facial masks at home

We will tell you about what to do, healthy skin, supple and velvety


How to avoid getting freckles-sunbathe properly

Beauticians do not tire warning: Beware of direct sunlight.

загораем правильно

How correctly to sunbathe

Learn why not worth the long to luxuriate in the Sun

сохранить молодость

How to prolong youth

Maintain an attractive appearance and prolong the active life helps geriatrics.

кислородный баланс

How to maintain oxygen balance

Today we explain what to do if your skin stops receiving enough oxygen


How to get rid of cellulite at home

Learn how to perform the exercises of cellulite at home or directly on the beach

водные процедуры

Where to go in the water

Today "gidrotur" is not more expensive than the standard permits in Turkey. The main thing is to find out where best to send what we you and help


How to "wake up" after winter

Find out how thoroughly stir up themselves lazy after a long "hibernation"



Currently widespread use received Mesotherapy, known as "Beauty shots"