Currently widespread use received Mesotherapy, known as "Beauty shots"

AFT-hair removal

Diode laser with Sapphire-tipped will forget about unwanted hair on your body and face


The main difference from a previous laser rejuvenation apparatus-no discomfort during the procedure and minimum deferred effects after

Lpg (Endermology)

Using LPG comes a complex effect on the epidermis, DermIS and subcutaneous fat, and the impact of the combined: vacuum nozzle skin fold is captured inside the compartment in which the tiny rollers, rotating in different directions, dimpling, the boat's controllability and grind skin


The first asserts that it became common thanks to the Belgian town of Spa, where the mineral spring, which has healing powers

Anti-cellulite massage

As a result of such massage fat cells "are broken down and excreted from the body naturally

Artificial tanning

How much will hold such a Tan depends both on the individual characteristics of the person (from the refresh rate of the upper layers of the skin), and the means used

Ayurvedic massage

Regardless of the type of massage and energy with the study of body points, or relaxing, stimulating the muscles, the wizard uses the oil mixture and essential cocktails, which affect the status of psychosomatic

Balinese massage

The procedure is in accordance with the principles of the movement of energy and activation: first, are massaged feet (including each finger), then body, hands, head and back

Artificial nails

There are a few basic ways to build: gel, acrylic and build-up of biogel coating

Gel nail

The special gel lacquer performs two functions: it protects nails from damage and serves as a Nail Polish

Horizontal solarium

He is something like a capsule, in which the client tans, taking horizontal position

Spa capsule

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the many functions of the SPA-capsules


Then the pituitary gland begins to produce various kinds of hormones, which cause the effect of relaxation or stimulation of the body (depending on the essential oil)

Thai massage

One of the advantages of this massage is the large number of torsions and movements in your joints, so this massage, Thai also carries another official name: Yoga-Massage

Paraffin therapy

Specialist before proceeding carefully skrabiruet the skin of the hands, and then put on her mask from the hot cosmetic paraffin with various medicinal or aromatic additives

Honey massage

For massage use only honey and will it flower, Linden or any other-is committed not important

Ctoun therapy

During the session use hot, cold and warm stones, while various parts of the body

Manual lipoplasty (liposuction)

Manual technique of liposuction is somewhat similar to the massage, as experts use similar movements


The procedure is done by various nozzles special apparatus that help achieve drainage and regenerating effect

Biotokovaâ therapy

This type of therapy is absolutely safe and painless, and its essence is the impact on skin micro-currents in combination with application of certain drugs


Taking advantage of the attendant, you can try massage brooms (usually using Birch or oak), or relax on the Seine, for each type of baths are typically "cocktails" for the fragrant pair with herbs, infusions and essential oils that create the additional effect of inhalation

Cupping massage

For those who remember the treatment by banks, popular in the Soviet era, it is not difficult to understand the principle of action: thanks to cooling the air inside the banks that are happening there pre-lubricated oil suction of the skin


To this type of spa-procedures are primarily traditional water treatments, such as shower and bath, rarely-bath and its varieties