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«Dinner minus "or how to lose weight, not putting effort

"Breakfast eat itself, share lunch and dinner give enemy"-this saying has become the basis for such a popular diet.


Some nutritionists recommend porridge?

According to scientists, the cereals is the perfect dish.

diet meal

Diet for weight loss

We offer you a slimming diet, i.e. get rid of fat, not water.


Vegetable salads for slimming

For those who want to get rid of extra pounds, but don't sit hunger, there's a whole category of fine dishes, vegetable salads for slimming.

Mineral water in Essentuki: how to choose

Does mineral water force, whether youth and beauty?

Fruit diet

Choose fruit diet slimming-she meets all your seemingly impossible requests

Meat diet

To digest protein, the body spends more calories than are contained in meat-that is what makes meat diet so popular.

Apple diet: day 3-3 kg

In addition to the weight loss Apple diet on 3 days helps to effectively cleanse the body and enrich its beneficial substances.

Juice Diet: what you need to know

Today, let's see what is juice Detox Diet


Carrot diet

Carrot diet can save you from 2-3 kilograms overweight, just two or three days.


The proper way to sit on a diet?

It is not enough to just choose an interesting diagram reset extra pounds: you should learn all about how to diet to lose weight and keep the result. 

What juices can help maintain tone and health

In today's article let's see what juices than useful