Top 5 Healthiest Places In The World

Optimism and purpose, a low stress level, a natural diet and an active lifestyle…experts say these factors are three times as important as your genetic makeup when it comes to enjoying a long and healthy lif

Czech Republic

Thermal baths in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is popular for its health-improving tours due to the mild European climate and numerous mineral springs.


Where to go: solar Georgia

Tours in Georgia is perhaps slightly forgotten classics of Soviet tourism.

Szechenyi baths in Budapest

Széchenyi bath-the most extensive bath complex in Europe is supplied with waters wells St. Ištvara, as well as the cold clear waters of six smaller wells.

Mineral water in Essentuki: how to choose

Does mineral water force, whether youth and beauty?

Where to relax in the summer in silence: parks Essentukov

Enjoy the peace, tranquility and coolness.

Mud in Russia: Essentuki

Yessentuki mud takes almost half the quarter in downtown Encinitas.

мертвое море

Sea in which you cannot drown

Bromine content in the air of the dead sea in 10-20 times as much, which means that the nervous system is only a positive impact. Read more in our article

оздоровительный маршрут

In Chile a new wellness thermal springs route

22 medicinal spa complex in southern Chile have merged into a common Route of thermal springs (Ruta Termal).

водные процедуры

Where to go in the water

Today "gidrotur" is not more expensive than the standard permits in Turkey. The main thing is to find out where best to send what we you and help