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In one flashback, the kovboâh, Prairies and saloons you overwhelms drive and want to start dancing under the stirring rhythms, banjo and harmonica accordion? For this purpose it is not necessary to go abroad is enough to go on holiday outside Moscow, hotel "heliopark Country"!

Coming to rest in "heliopark Country", you literally fall in this "Western"! At all time dominates a breathtaking adventure. On the territory of gelioparka in country style furnished restaurants and bars, discos and billiard, pools and saunas. You will be entertained by brave Cowboys and Indians-real, professional animators.

Hotel Country resort is located in the Taldomskom district of Moscow region, on the banks of the river Dubna, among forest. Scenic spots, fresh air of pine forest from the first minutes will give you feel a burst of vitality!

The architecture of the buildings is designed in country style. Even the names of rooms in the buildings speak for themselves: there are, in addition to standard rooms, suites, "country", suites with fireplaces-"Rondo" and "Blues", luxes with Aquarium-"Luxor" and "Lotus", as well as family rooms with a lounge, etc.

In country at your request you will provide medical services, medical health profile of the hotel-type is generall therapeutic. Offers unique wellness programs: "anti-stress", "beauty and health", "programme", "weight loss Program", "Cleansing program", program 4 stone-therapy, therapeutic baths, Thai massage, etc.

As has already been noted, in the territory of the Heliopark Country all you recall the atmosphere of the Wild West, Westerns this fully applies to the network of bars and restaurants: restaurant "wild, Wild West"; bar, billiards, Irish bar, billiards. Here is the case, for example, to sing in a la country, for example, in the karaoke bar Heliopark-a! Or, as truly cowboy, puff a cigar ... Play, fantasize, unleash your imagination!

Well, of course, shoot in the saloon, as in Westerns, you don't have to, but, by analogy with the wild nature of these Prairies, you can go see the Zoo of domestic, wild and exotic animals! Horseback riding-well, here you can sit on the Mustang just like a real cowboy! And you can shoot a bow and dashes! Sports games outdoors and Hall, sport equipment rental, sauna, disco, fishing on the Lake "wood"-everything for your fun!

And your children will have fun than a children's animation, children's mini club with toys "once a cowboy, two cowboy" (with tutor).

Hotel "heliopark Country"-exotic vacations in Moscow suburbs in country style!

For children:

Holidays with children at country Resort "is a joy to you and your children.

For families with children in a children's room, a well-equipped children's playground where kids like to play in the company of their peers. The site is always crowded, and in a large company, nobody happens to be boring. All children are under the supervision of an experienced tutor. The same can be bought on a Cot hire and babysitting services.

Healthy and happy child is, first of all, proper nutrition. In our hotel, you can not worry about how to feed the baby on vacation.


For our younger guests, we developed a special children's menu for breakfast and in the evening a jolly dinner with your new friends. You can choose to have their children fruit or vegetable salads, dairy products, curd cheese or meat balls on peasant, as well as all kinds of porridges and tasty drinks. Your baby will not give you a hassle because there will always be full and satisfied. Children's buffet works at the "Wild Wild West" from 18.00 to 19.30 for children up to 12 years.

In "country resort-rustic expanse. We have even their own Ranch "Buttermilk" with a small Zoo. The Zoo inhabited by bears, camels, Buffalo, Lynx, ostriches, swans, wolves, sheep and even bison. The little guests of our smaller brothers result in full delight! Staff care about animals, they are always well maintained and fed, therefore behave almost like a manual. You can even hand feed-special food kits are sold directly at the Zoo. Hotel for children there are special animation programs, kids discos, constantly running Internet cafe.


In vacation animators spend many interesting games, fun competitions and competitions run dance classes, discos, special shows, where heroes of fairy tales and cartoons.

If you decide to organize your leisure time with the child differently, you can make use of sports equipment rental services:


  • baby and adult bicycles,
  • rollers,
  • Badminton,
  • table tennis,
  • checkers,
  • chess and other games.

Hotel constantly thinks about how to diversify children's rest and the best reward is the laughter of little visitors!


Common to sanatorium-resort treatment.

The list of medical services:


On vacation at the Country Resort "you pay attention to their health and appearance. Modern fitness offers all that you need for your body and soul. Inhalation and baths perfectly restore and reinforce the jaded city organism. Solarium, beauty, physiotherapy and phyto-cabinets return attractiveness, and fitness and sports halls allow you to keep fit. In the list of services of the hotel and there are unusual, such as stone therapy and massage "pools". This unique method of influence on the human organism herbal steam from Siberian herbs in a special barrel. Well, subtle lovers can always count on Thai massage. You can also make use of such services as: art painting on nails, waxing, and for those wishing to lose weight a little hotel offers coffee ' Minceur "that controls body weight, not as a medicine. You will take pleasure of exquisite taste of natural Arabica coffee-73.2% and chocolate Minceur ", helps you lose weight without depriving the possibility to enjoy the wonderful taste of chocolate. The hotel also offers a Hairdresser and sports equipment rental.

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