Ortokeratologičeskie lenses

When OK-therapy a person wears special night lenses at night to remove them in the morning and have a 100% vision without glasses or contact lenses. We guarantee not less than 24 hours for a good view, then it slowly starts to change in the direction of the source. Then the man again puts on night lenses and gets himself good vision.

The main difference from conventional therapy OK contact correction of sight is that day, active time of the day you are clinically healthy and free of glasses or contact lenses-how after refractive surgery. While there are no risks associated with surgery is the result of exposure to night lenses are fully reversible, enough to stop wearing them. OK-therapy is good for everyone, but it can be especially interesting for the following groups:

  1. Kids. First of all, OK-therapy slows development of myopia. It is very important for children, because myopia usually progresses in age from 6 to 18 years. Imagine that a boy or a girl whose high myopia (greater -6 dioptres) were able to stay at level 1-2 diopters! Secondly, children cannot be done before surgery refractive 18-20 years. Third, even among children of teenage age reduced social responsibility and with contact lenses for the eyes, they can unwittingly cause yourself harm (for example, try to remove the lens dirty hands or start rubbing their eyes), and with peers often tease. When OK-therapy children wear the lenses in the evening and removed them in the morning under the supervision of parents, as children usually sleep at home. The same day in front of their eyes, there is no means of correction and they are no different than their healthy peers.
  2. Builders, bartenders, waiters, Club musicians, etc. -a profession and an occupation in which the person is in a dusty or smoggy Wednesday.
  3. Athletes and amateurs who engaged in water (diving, swimming, water polo, kayaking, etc.), speed (bike, downhill skiing, hockey, etc.), as well as other (football, wrestling, gymnastics) sports. Night lenses officially recommended for vision correction in many sports (see guidelines).
  4. Flight crews, which is a long time in a dry atmosphere (for pilots wearing unacceptable as points and contact lenses).
  5. People for whom even a short sudden blurred vision can lead to fatal consequences-already mentioned pilots and athletes, as well as special forces, operational police officers and others.
Of course, the night lenses people can use any trades and occupations, prefer the active time of the day do not have restrictions associated with contact lenses and glasses. We have patients who have radically changed his appearance and leisure after the night started to wear lenses.

Source: www.doctorlens.ru

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