Caloric in 100 g of the product: 46 kcal
Proteins ― 0.8 g
Fats ― 0.5 g
Carbohydrates ― 8.3 g

Malin contains a huge number of different vitamins and microelements, among which are calcium, sodium, citric and tartaric acid, vitamins c and this explains the benefits of berries of a raspberry.

Salicylic acid contained in Malin, helps reduce body temperature with SARS. Substances contained in Malin, normalize blood clotting, thus preventing the formation of clots.

Raspberry contains large amounts of copper, which is necessary for the nervous system.

Malina also stimulates the bowel and also removes toxins from the body.

However, excessive use of raspberry can cause unintended consequences. Extreme caution towards this Berry is worth to respect allergies and people suffering from gastritis and ulcer.


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