How to choose the perfect glucometer

Glucometer is a special device that helps to measure blood sugar levels at home. Most of them are designed for people suffering from type 1 diabetes, i.e. insulinozavisimye. To date, there is a huge amount of glucose meters of various models with specific intrinsics. So pick a good blood glucose meter is not just important, but essential.

Complete each glucose test has instructions that allow you to easily understand the rules for its application. It is important to know the most important thing: If the level of glucose in the blood is raised, the measurement should be done several times a day.

How to choose a blood glucose meter from the variety of models presented in the stores? Make a list of functions which, in your opinion, must possess the ideal blood glucose meter. Here are a few examples of such features.

  • Voice function. You will not need to strain your eyes to make glucose measurement. Significantly help people with Visual problems.
  • The volume of a drop of blood. The smaller the required amount, the better. Puncture should be small so that he managed to heal and not delivered.
  • Time. Agree, the sooner the better metering will be reduced. Feature of the modern 10-second glucose meter is that speed has no effect on the quality.
  • Memory. There are devices with built-in memory, giving you the option to preserve the last measure that allows you to track statistics
  • Tagging about food. Some blood glucose meters allow you to mark the measurements both before and after a meal.
  • Test strips. Shelf life strips in complete is 3 months. Individually purchased strips can be stored up to 6 months or more.
  • Communication with the PC. This feature greatly simplifies the task of migrating your data into an electronic diary.
  • Battery. This point is particularly important for those who have no opportunity to buy a spare battery in the event of an emergency.

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