8 popular myths about yoga


  1. To start doing yoga, I should already be flexible/slender and have some physical training. Sometimes a man afraid to start doing yoga because it believed a complete, unsportsmanlike, with no physical training. This is a typical misconception. You can safely begin to practice yoga with any level of fitness and gradually acquire all the qualities on which only dreaming-slimness, flexibility, physical endurance and strength. There is a special Yoga for beginners.

  2. I am interested in the deepest issues of spiritual development, and Yoga works only with the physical body. Indeed, the most popular type of yoga in the West is Hatha Yoga (asanas, static), and you might get the impression that this is the whole yoga. In fact, yoga is a much more serious and deep system of spiritual self-discovery that yields tremendous results in all areas of your life.

  3. Yoga classes require a lot of time and I am now very busy at work/school. You can engage in at least 1 times per week in a group, or if you don't have time for this, 5-10 minutes at home each day. For some time, and you get the first effect from Yoga-you all will start to miss time.

  4. Yoga classes will require lots of money, which I don't have. Sometimes a person believes that yoga classes he needs to purchase a special mat for yoga form, must spend each month to engage in a lump sum of money, and it's totally vain stops. There are centres where yoga classes are worth very little, in a pinch you can start doing yoga at home-absolutely free.

  5. Yoga is a type of religion, but I am a Christian (masul′manin, atheist, etc) and don't want to be related to any Eastern religion. In fact, yoga is not a religion, this system can do equally well representative of any denomination or an atheist. Certainly, in some types of yoga, such as mantra-yoga, you may come across mention of any Hindu deities, but it is only a tribute to tradition-so if the knowledge of yoga are preserved in our country, they could be mentioned about Koshcheev Immortal, Prince Ivan, Yarily, Perun and other Slavic deities.

  6. Yoga classes will be an extra burden for me now, and I have so no enough forces. If you start to do yoga under the guidance of an experienced instructor, Yoga not only will not bore you, but will give you a great source of recreation and relaxation. Yoga will give you strength, you can remove fatigue and stress, feel more refreshed and glowing.

  7. Yoga is for the young, which I somehow in my 60 years of Yoga? Yoga can engage in people of any age, if you can't work with the physical body, you are left with a whole range of other kinds of yogas, which will help you to overcome any difficulties-visualization meditation, yoga, yoga of dreams, mantra-Yoga and many others.

  8. Yoga is just one of the sports, so it makes no difference whether I'll do yoga or shaping, Pilates, dancing, swimming in the pool. Yoga is not only with the physical body, it is much more in-depth and comprehensive doctrine. If you started doing yoga to maintain yourself in good physical form is excellent, you reach this goal, as well as in parallel with it get a lot of miraculous results, which do not always gives an ordinary sport.

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