What is healthy eating?

That occurs in your imagination at the mention of the phrase a proper diet? It is tasteless, cottage cheese with salad leaf, the lone tomato, hungry and sad, "better to die young and happy, than old and healthy"?

If you have been told that it's suddenly disappeared a couple of kilograms (and if goal, and more), strong fingernails, shiny hair gleam in his eyes and in a good mood? Agree, sounds much more attractive!

That can be considered correct?

  1. This is food that fills our body all necessary substances: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  2. Relieves the feeling of hunger. And that means eating should be enough to feel satiety, but not enough to pereest′.
  3. Power mode: the interval between meals should be around 3:00. maximum 4-4, 5:00. Big break at meals lead to overeating. Ideally: in one and the same time. As in pioneer camp, remember? What is most interesting quickly retreated, stomach waiting for food in the allotted time and perevarivalas′ it an order of magnitude better.
  4. Say "Sweet vitamins for the soul". And how can our souls leave without vitamins? No, of course not! But as any medications, vitamins must be strictly dosed. So ideally it should be reduced to receiving sweets once a week.
  5. Classic food: baked, stewed and boiled roasted smoked and preferred. In my opinion, and just tastes better.

Undoubtedly, there are products which you have to avoid.

Healthy eating for every day bans:

  • dry mixtures for breakfast, including most types of cereal (read);
  • white bread and baked pastries;
  • chocolate bars and confectionery;
  • crackers, chips and other junk food;
  • ready-made sauces;
  • Nectars and juices of unnatural;
  • sodas and their dietary substitutes;
  • alcohol (only allowed one glass of dry wine dinner 1-2 times a week).

The list of products was of a recommendatory nature. If you love sweets and can't imagine my life without favorite rolls, start small. Replace them with home-made pastries with a reduced amount of oil and sugar. The same rule applied and junk food. Try to find a useful alternative!

If you have given the slack and failed diets, do not throw begun and not think about how to begin the first Monday. Continue the program as if nothing had happened, slightly adjusting the calorie and fat content of the following meals.

Thus, healthy eating for every day-this is the real way to shape your dreams without harming your health!

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