Natural or synthetic brushes?

Makeup brush selection is purely individual. Someone can not do without various brushes, someone quite happily can create incredible makeup without using any accessories. However, if you still decide that brush you just need, but don't know what it is worth to buy, especially for you, we have compiled a list of tips on how to choose the ideal brush.

For the beginning it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which it is made. They can be both natural and synthetic. The first is most often used for applying dry (powder, blush, bronzers, shadow, highlighter). Most often such pile brushes taken from Sable, squirrel or a goat. The second is for applying liquid and creamy textures (Foundation, Concealer, etc.).

Fearful or Sable brush pile quite soft, so ideal as brushes for eye makeup. For applying blush and powder is better to choose a brush from the goats. They are tougher and have a thick pile.

Natural makeup brushes do not scratch and do not irritate the skin due to its softness. However, they are quite expensive.

By type of manufacturing brushes and hair ornament. In the first case, the pile of harvested together in spite of the length of each individual villi and then give it shape, cutting off the excess parts. Such brushes can lightly scratch the delicate skin of the eyelid, so it is best not to use them for shading shadows. In the second case, the brush shape is formed initially by the perfect matching of each individual hair.

A brush made of synthetic cloth is best used with liquid products, as they do not absorb the fatty texture, unlike brushes with natural bristles. Now a huge number of different types of brushes, so you can easily find yourself a good quality synthetic brush. Moreover such brushes will become a perfect solution for women who are prone to allergies to fur.

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