Should look like a perfect male figure

It is worth considering the fact that some parts of our body cannot change, such as the width and shape of the chest, the length of the legs, arms and neck. However, if for correctly determining the type of male figure, you can easily hide their shortcomings under a well-chosen clothing. Analysis of the proportions of your body helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn to emphasize the dignity.

Types of male figures: triangle

Men of this type shapes have broad shoulders and narrower hips and waist. If visually hold the line on the fundamental points of the inverted triangle. Some representatives of stronger sex so beautiful male figure is given at birth, and someone has to spend years on the bodybuilding exercises to build enough muscles in the shoulders and torsa.

Men engaged in heavy physical work, can become invisible owners attractive body. Of course, many thought that the figure of a man in a triangle is necessarily nakačennoe body with a pile of muscles. We hasten to assure such a view completely wrongly, because such a figure can boast high and slender men.

Dream about your kite inflatedin your torsa and overweight humeral belt? Then hurry to the fitness centre, where the coach will select for you an individual program sessions and give valuable advice on nutrition. If nature is not awarded you a figure of a man, about which the dreams of millions of women, it's time to go it alone and in defiance of the mould of Apollo himself. Regular classes will help achieve the desired result.

Typical shape: rectangle

The figure of a man in the form of a rectangle is particularly in demand in the fashion industry. It is characterized by proportional body, high growth and fullness. Most men are holders of this male figure. When this man may be slim or tight, shoulders, hips and waist were one straight line. Women like representatives of the opposite sex like physique, as they look very courageously and sexy.

It is worth noting that the rectangular model figure men with lots of muscles often repels women. Sometimes perekačennoe the body looks quite ridiculous and comical, more draws taut silhouette with moderate relief. Therefore, holders of this type of figures of men never turn to bodybuilding and other power loads, aimed at increasing the shoulder and hips.

Complete men's figure, or "Keystone"

Of course, many owners of this type of male figure will argue that they have a rectangular figure, and this is partly true, except that all the contours have pretty rounded appearance. Men with such a structure weight is absolutely proportionate to the bone structure and growth. Don't rush to call them tolstâkami, it is a very attractive brutal representatives of their gender.

With a figure in the form of a trapezoid are not born, it acquired during life. Have the model shape men may due to too much bone. It can also occur in men with triangular and rectangular shapes type after a set of a few extra pounds. A man can have high or low growth, but it will certainly be fat legs, arms and dense enough neck. Get rid of both round and trapezoid shapes of men to help regular classes at the gym.

As the ideal male figure should look like?

Men and women always pay attention to appearance and silhouette of the opposite sex. Perfect figure women have long calculated and marked with numbers, the ideal male figure raises some difficulties. Correct body proportions for centuries trying to identify the scientists, doctors, artists, sculptors and even philosophers. In each century, at the peak of popularity was his ideal type shape men. For example, in the 16th century in fashion were subtil′nye men with a refined shape. At the beginning of the 20th century in almost all European countries have practiced standards proportions calculated by scientists.

In early 2000-ies designers have brought to the peak of fashion several options ideal for shapes of men. Among them are the most frequently mentioned on atletičnom physique and modeling. Model parameters suggest a slim but pretty sexy body. When you do this, the settings should be as follows: Talia-66-84 cm, chest-81-102 cm, height-180-190 cm, hips-70-90 cm. Men with such a physique very effectively look on the catwalks and photographs.

These athletic male figure is significantly different from the model. These differences are particularly strongly visible in the area of the shoulder girdle and the volume of muscles. Bright representatives of this type shape men are bodybuilders. Settings perfect shape men in this case is calculated by using the formula J. Makkalluma. Starting point is taken chest girth. So, perfect figure must have the following options:

  • chest girth should be 6.5 obhvatam wrist;
  • HIPs-85% of the girth of the chest;
  • Shin circumference is 34% of the girth of the chest;
  • waist-70%;
  • biceps-36%;
  • hips-53%;
  • forearm-29%;
  • neck-37%;
  • tibia-34%.

According to surveys carried out among women, the figure of a man in their presentation should be something an average between the model and the physical. The main thing that produced the impression of good, strong, Hardy man who is able to cope with any problems and protect in a dangerous situation.

If you combine all of the above information, you can identify the main current trends shape men:

  • broad shoulders;
  • Slim long neck;
  • well-developed biceps, triceps, block hands and wide back;
  • relief, well-developed chest;
  • slim waist;
  • narrow hips;
  • the circumference of the neck, shoulders and lower legs should be visually equal;
  • embossed, well-defined abdominal muscles and legs;
  • harmonious, proportionate to the figure of a man with broad shoulders, long legs and nakačennymi hands.

Usually, the ideal male figure practically none does not inherit at birth. It is the result of long and strenuous workouts. In order to achieve the desired results, it is best to engage in under the guidance of a specialist who will develop the schema classes, taking into account health, resilience and individual to individual.

The figure of a man with perfect parameters is formed only subject to the regime of exercises and diet. Limitations in food as needed for burning excess body fat and muscle mass.


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