How to care for your skin in the winter

ухода за кожей

Winter is a tough test for the entire body, but first takes the brunt leather, not casually named protective cover. The most delicate and fragile part of our face-it appears on the front of the front line in the unequal fight with the wind, snow and frost. In order not to lose this battle in the winter need to especially careful to take care of facial skin, and taking into account the metabolic processes in the skin cells. Otherwise, redness, flaking and other charms will not keep you waiting.

What happens to our skin in winter, and what is the difference between winter skin care summer? We will try to answer this question. The warm season is the most comfortable for all living things. And here it gets cold in the winter, the wind blows stronger, reduces the oxygen content in the air, drastically changing humidity. It does not pass unnoticed to the skin and especially to the person who is in direct contact with external stimuli.

The first. Dry frosty air actively robs skin moisture, dehydrate it. Given that at low temperature slows down the rate of cell renewal of the epidermis, it becomes clear why the skin looks rough and dry.

The second. Effect of cold leads to thickening of the stratum corneum of the skin-thus it tries to defend itself, and as a result looks rougher than in summer, and loses its smoothness.

The third. Effects on the skin, the air effect of negative temperature reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands. As a consequence of protective film gidrolipidnaâ thins, and the skin becomes less elastic and more responsive.

Finally, in the winter our face is exposed to numerous external stimuli, primarily microcrystals of ice. In the end, the long-suffering skin becomes legkoranimoj and a little something covered by reddish spots. All this suggests that changing skin type-it becomes drier than summer.

The most unpleasant that winter skin and get old faster, because all of the above reasons lead to the infringement of processes of renovation-it can be covered with wrinkles early, lose tone. If you go to the mountains, all compounded by active, merciless rays hard sun. So "Frost and Sun" are fine with only a poetic romantic point of view and for the skin is a waking nightmare. How to deal with it?

Prepare the sledge in summer

First of all the skin you want to prepare for the winter, and do it better in advance. Than in the best state it, the easier it endures the hardships of winter. Ideally, the skin should normally be hydrated, i.e. be smooth and soft, her sebaceous glands must provide sufficient elasticity and optimal amounts of vitamins to support skin tone and elasticity. If the skin is lacking something, then take one or several steps:

  • If your skin looks dehydrated, complete daily evening care use intensively moisturizing serum.
  • If you feel that the sebaceous glands become less active, change your night cream on more nutritious.
  • Skin care, dramatically started showing signs of withering-lethargy, loss of smoothness, better care with the use of "rejuvenating" creams and vitamin, unless of course you are more than thirty.

Invisible cover

Healthy skin surface is covered with a thin layer of always "cream" of own production called the hydrolipid film. Lipids is fatty acids produced by sebaceous glands. As a result of the activities of these glands produces the lipid layer, which is the natural protection of the skin against external aggression and climate change. In its biggest part die environment harmful bacteria and germs.

But this gidrolipidnaâ film is very sensitive to cold, and to the means used to skin care person. That is why for washing and cleaning of the face of cosmetics it is recommended to use special tonics, which do not destroy the natural protective barrier. And because in the winter time the activity of the sebaceous glands is reduced, additional protection will have to be very handy.

The only way not to give skin a chasm in the Frost-protect it from wind and cold literally mechanical barrier of cream. Northern peoples once covered with a thick layer of fat. Today we have a special "winter" creams, called another barrier. Such funds are capable with the help of special components (serine or NMF-natural moisturising factor) to maintain a sufficient level of skin natural hydration and also literally "hide" it from bad weather due to the high content of vegetable oils and fats.

If you are going to spend the winter holidays in very sunny areas such as mountains, add cream and yet such a high level of protection from ultraviolet radiation. And, of course, do not forget the lips. Among other things, hygienic lipstick or lip balm will help relieve severe peeling skin-it is necessary to put such a thin layer of dry skin as a night cream.

But this is not enough. Even if the day outdoors, your skin is protected, at home it also needs gentle care and maintenance. At night you must nurture the skin softening and moisturizing cream, preferably with vitamins, which will restore its lipid (FAT) reserves. In addition, make it a rule to use masks in winter than in summer more often. Once a week free skin from excessive Horn scales using the otšelušivaûŝej mask or scrub. Twice a week, it is desirable to support intensive skin moisturizing masks, because its main winter enemy-dehydration.

Not only face

Hidden under the warm woolen sweater body and hair under the hat too feel too comfortable. The skin of the body may begin to peel off under the action of mechanical impact and physical fabric is "saving" hot water, cold increased sweating. Output-either on a day not to forget about nutritious body balm, take a moderately warm shower and use deodorant intensive.

To stop useful weekly baths with strong broth of a bark of oak or other antiseptic solutions, it helps avoid excessive Hyperhidrosis. As for the hair, then in cold season more pronounced their type, so if summer is the difference between a little greasy roots and dry ends are not apparent to the eye, then in the winter it is obvious. Most likely, unlike skin hair get a little fatter. 

However, in no case do not decrease the number of "golovomoek"-hair must always be clean. But, you might want to change your Shampoo (and you remember that you need to choose it depending on the condition of the scalp), and are also more likely to nourish your hair lotions and masks.

Particular attention should be paid to care for skin-on par with the face, brush our hands in winter most susceptible to external influences. But unlike the person hand holds far fewer sebaceous glands, and therefore has more thin and weak hydro-foil. Plus, the epidermis hands contain little water-in 4-5 times less, than facial skin. Add to this the impact of detergents and other stimuli-it is no surprise that our hands are very often are dehydrated.

Nevertheless, hand care is quite simple and does not take a lot of time-enough to respect the most elementary rules. Firstly, do not neglect the warm gloves or mittens-your hands should not be zâbnut′ on the street. Secondly, when performing household chores-washing, cleaning, washing dishes-always use household rubber gloves. And most importantly, morning and evening use protective and nourishing hand cream.

Skin care tips

In conclusion, here are some useful tips for skin care.

  • Before going outdoors, for half an hour-hour necessarily apply on skin protective cream. It must be winter» cream, never use "summer" moisturizer that contributes to the accumulation of moisture from the skin.
  • As a protective cream you can use concealer, which allows the skin to breathe freely, but at the same time is a natural obstacle to the cold air. Well, if this fight with Frost to join cream tonal and more powder. When selecting tonal means do not forget to take into account the changed your skin type.
  • Do not use tap water for washing is for these purposes will be more suitable pair of milk-tonic ". Can also be used for this purpose cosmetic ice that is easy to prepare yourself from infusions of herbs-Chamomile, peppermint, succession, St. John's wort, Sage or even tea.
  • Don't forget vitamins-they are the main part of the enzymes, "supervision" which all metabolic processes in the body, including cell renewal. Lack of vitamins provokes early skin aging, so fill lack needed inside and out, taking a multivitamin complexes and necessary products, and externally, with the help of vitaminosoderžaŝej cosmetics

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