Perfect Red

Experts have long agreed that red lipstick fits all without exception. The most important thing is to find the right shade.

Red lipstick can be cold (blue tint), warm (orange), as well as neutral (pure red). Also pay attention to the coverage. It can be both matte and shiny.

Lipstick stands to choose depending on the color of skin and hair. For example, if your skin has pinkish hue and you are more likely to choose white than cream, and silver jewelry will prefer gold, then most likely you will have a cold or neutral red lipstick. Lipstick with orange or Peach undertone is best avoided.

On the other hand, if your skin is golden or peachy shade in your wardrobe is dominated by warm colours and gold jewelry, and a choice worth the stop on the warm or neutral Red. And from red with cold shade stands abandoned.

For smuglogo persons ideal neutral Red or Brown and Brown tinge. Not worth choosing Orange and pink hues.

Most people go red lipstick with a brown tint, making lipstick less bright. It is also worth noting that the darker complexion, the darker and brighter lipstick should be.

Remember that red lipstick would emphasize the slightest imperfections (flaking, cracks) lips, so use it carefully.

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