Mineral water in Essentuki: how to choose


About the healing properties of natural mineral springs people know since ancient times. On the magical properties of this water were legendary. Believedthat mineral water gives force brings Youth and beauty. And here is the mineral water, which is now known throughout the world and is produced in the city of Yessentuki opened not the people and horses. So says the legend. To give the horse the Cossacks did not want to drink regular fresh water, but the brackish water from the small swamps drunk with the same pleasure. This source then nicknamed the horse. But soon people began to drink this water, feeling its unusual properties.

Mineral springs in Essentuki became an object of study in the beginning of 19 century. Dr. Nelyubin researched the whole area and found 23 source. All of these sources, blending, flow into the river Kislušu. The doctor carefully examined the water from each source. Near the most mineralized waters began to build resorts. 

There are several variations of the origin of the city name, and source. One of them tells the story of a local Prince Gorski, who was born very weak son. Believing in the healing power of water, bathed in the source of the boy's father. And the next day at the kid grew up in front of the dark hair. «Live»-«Jessen-Pack "on karačaevskom language named source and the place where he was.

Another version of the origin of the name indicates that the source is named in honor of the victory of the Kalmyks Cossacks. Truce included agreement that this place will be referred to in honour of nine oldest Kalmyk delivery. «Jisen Tuk "is translated as" nine bunčukov.

There is another option. "Setuk" with the Adyghe means "a decidedly lived-in angle, and from Turkic" Jessen "is translated as" live ". If you apply to water, then we can talk about it, how about living water that can heal.

To date, 20 sources are used. The most popular use for medical purposes is mineral water, Essentuki-17, and mineral water, Essentuki-4. Recently become also popular mineral water, Essentuki-20 and Essentuki-new. Water from other sources is used for baths and irrigation.

Mineral water, Essentuki-4-the most famous water from the springs. This is hydro-carbonate-chloride sodium water with high mineralization, intended mainly for drinking cures. Essentuki-4 recommended for treatment of diseases of the digestive organs and urinary tract in metabolic disorders.

Mineral water, Essentuki-17 is water with high mineralization is recommended as an excellent remedy for stomach diseases, chronic diseases of the liver, gallbladder, gout, obesity, diabetes, mild.


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