What should I do to avoid the flu

профилактика гриппа

Winter is in full swing. At this time, colds and flu are considered commonplace. However, each of us wants to at least avoid the disease this year. Because influenza is a very serious viral disease which weakens the cardiovascular system and its complications.

Prevention is the best cure

Undoubtedly, the most efficient and affordable flu prevention is vaccination. However, in Russia to her while resorts less than 10% of the population. Also one of the most important methods of prevention is proper nutrition. 

Experts believe that the flu RESEARCH INSTITUTE in autumn-winter period it is very important to eat enough protein. There are whole regions, such as South-East Asia, where the flu is always evolving faster and there is found insufficient protein food. This means that the full protein intake is necessary for persistent immunity. And hence you need to include in the diet of quality meat, eggs, milk, dairy products.

Everyone knows how high the role of vitamins in the prevention of "winter" diseases. You can buy multivitamin complex in pharmacy or simply eat more sauerkraut! After all, she is a healing source of vitamin c. lemons and cranberries are also useful.

Flu RESEARCH INSTITUTE experts did not reject such proven tools like honey and raspberry jam, but consider them only a complement to medication. In addition, it is helpful to drink warmed red wine, it increases in blood levels of interferon, which plays a very important role in shaping resistance to the flu virus. During the epidemic, doctors advise actively consume garlic-due to the large number of rich garlic inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Those used by our ancestors, holding in its mouth a few pieces of garlic and chewing them from time to time. Nowadays such way to prevent influenza is hardly relevant, but based on garlic developed drugs that preserve all its healing properties, and without sharp taste and "flavor". 

Chinese and Tibetan doctors also consider proper nutrition a powerful preventive means. To prevent influenza, they are advised to include in your diet the red peppers, carrots, squash, tomatoes and onions.

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