What kind of pool chosen in Moscow


People differently perceive the best pools for swimming. For someone to be the primary criterion for selection are the prices for the services of the swimming pool. Someone more important to swimming pool located near the home or place of work. Someone who focuses on the inner atmosphere and friendly staff. Ideal-when all these conditions are met in one place.

However, there is one more important parameter when choosing pool is your goal. On the basis of the tasks that you set for yourself, and give preference to one or another type of pools.

Suitable pool for adults with good swimming skills and appropriate sports preparation-meter lap pool, which in the capital not so much. Note the pool Bauman MSTU. Here is fairly cheap prices pool, there are fitness, athletics and boxing halls, tennis court, solarium, massage parlour, etc. So baumanovskij sports pool and is perfect for those who like to combine swimming with other sports. In addition, physicists have minimized the chlorination, t. k. installed the modern system of water purification.

For beginners in sailing a long pool is not good at all. The best option-dvadcatipâtimetrovyj swimming pool, such as KSK Bitsa. The fact of the matter is that on the long water from the inexperienced and insufficiently Hardy human physically tired accumulates faster.

Deconstructing the best pools closed Moscow stands to name even one of the three swimming pools, where students are engaged in "TEMPO":

  • swimming pool in SC Chertanovo;
  • pool of Moscow Power Engineering Institute;
  • Perhaps the best swimming pool in Moscow-Olympic.
People who prefer classes outdoors and possessing sufficient hardening, you can advise the outdoor pool, the temperature in this swimming facility year round maintained at 27-29° c. Agree, in winter it is even interesting. Perhaps the best outdoor swimming pool is located on the Sparrow mountains-Luzhniki stadium. There are two outdoor baths-25 and 50 meters. In addition, at the Luzhniki stadium is an indoor swimming pool for adults with a length of baths in the 25 meters.

Choosing your own best pool in Moscow, be sure to find out the exact schedule of work and internal regulations. In most cases, the peak occurred in 18-20 hours. The weekend very loaded daytime hours, but after 19-TI becomes freer. And remember: swimming-not a sport, and the second most important way to avoid drowning.

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