SPAsenie from injuries in ski resort


Speed and height are integral components of ski holiday, so it is considered a very extreme and traumatic. With injuries can get both newbies and professionals: fractures, dislocations, sprains, bruises.

Some spas offer services in its list of special programmes, which are aimed at reducing the cases of receiving all sorts of injuries at a ski resort. In most cases, it is the lack of flexibility and mobility of joints become causes of sprains. This may help with Thai massage. For an hour and a half this massage worked out all major muscles, tendons and joints. Additionally, you become the owner of a magnificent stretch, thanks to Indian Hatha Yoga techniques that are used in Thai massage. Prior to the winter adventures, we recommend that you visit the course from 5-10 procedures of this type of massage.

In addition in the list of services you will find a special sports massage. It accelerates blood circulation and lymph flow, as well as making the body more flexible, that prepares the body to feats. If you are an active exercise and give him a large amount of time, this massage will suit you perfectly. It is carried out using aromatic oils and is pressing and grinding major energy points.

Unfortunately, however, it is impossible to prevent all injuries. If you still got a bruise or a slight sprain, we recommend that you visit a Thai massage by grassy sacks, which consist of more than 20 different inflorescence of medicinal herbs. This type of massage significantly helps in the recovery period: using warm compresses has a positive effect on blood circulation in places of bruises. This massage is also a therapeutic and prophylactic agent as if the long and great physical exertion and pain in the joints, and when removing the residual phenomena after colds.
Of course not necessarily attend Thai massage only to prepare for sports winter season, you can simply treat yourself to this unique kind of massage.


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