Historians suggest that the idea of skydiving came the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. And the first mention of a safe opportunity to "descend from heaven is in his manuscripts (1495/year):" If a person has a tent of starched cloth, each side of which has twelve cubits in width and height the same, he can jump from any height without putting yourself in any danger ".

Today we no longer need to rush from the sky with a tent, and, after weighing all pros and cons, decide to jump under the guidance of trusted instructors. What do you need for the types of jumps and jump impossible-to whom all these questions concern everyone who wish to get their portion of heavenly adrenaline. So, two variants of jump with a parachute for the first time.

Independent jump with a parachute landing

In this case, you can make the jump from military parachute landing on a round dome with forced opening or three-second delay before opening the parachute. It is believed that such an option choose the truly courageous and determined people.
Especially the jump:
Before you leap, you need to be trained: paperwork, medical board, detailed instruction of duration 3-4 hours (sometimes more).
Jump takes place from a height of 800 meters above the ground, the aircraft speed jump-160 km/h. freefall last for 3 seconds, a speed of 50 m/s.
The falling speed when landing 5 m/s, that is why special attention is paid to the landing phase during the briefing. Inattention to the instruction may entail quite unpleasant consequences!
After the briefing by issuing the command "instructor aboard!" you'll go to the plane (usually, an-2, known as the "crop duster") build (first jump the heaviest).
When forgotten ring of the parachute will open the insurance system.
Restrictions for the weather: wind of no more than 6 m/s, it is desirable to avoid the storm, but in the rain, you can jump, but drag after landing parachute namokšij quite difficult.

Jump in tandem with an instructor

Zatyazhnoj pryzhok parachuting "wing" paired with tandem master. Very reliable version of the first parachute jump. Here you may not need to demonstrate independence and heroic courage, however, you will be able to much longer and in another as enjoy the flight.
Especially the jump:

  • Before the jump is also waiting for you training: paperwork, medical board, a brief instruction.
  • The jump is performed on Board (aircraft, helicopters), which allows you to gain greater height (l-410, an MI-8, etc.).
  • On board instructor will connect your suspension system. You detach yourself from the helicopter (aircraft) at an altitude of 3500-4000 meters (!). Freefall lasts 50 seconds.
  • All the work to stabilize falling and disclosure of doslidniy performs parachute instructor. You will enjoy the sensations and views almost a minute!
  • The falling speed when landing 1 m/s. landing force can be compared to leap off the couch, so restrictions in health in tandem jumps are less strict.
  • Restrictions for the weather: wind up to 10-12 m/c, cloudy almost does not play a role, because import and emit the GPS Navigator.
  • During jump allowed taking pictures and videos.
Beware of health

Of course, you will pass a medical examination before the jump. But the local doctor can diagnose many diseases about which you know. So be conscious and watch your health.
If you wear contact lenses, there are no problems. And here's the glasses must be replaced with glasses with plastic lenses and an elastic band around the head. If you have severe myopia, from jump better abstain.
Having a musculoskeletal injury in the past, you need to get medical advice. Perhaps, in this case for you suitable only jump in tandem. And fracture feet cannot be parachuting during the year after the complete fusion of the bones.
Weight allowed for independent parachute jumps not less than 45 kg and not more than 95. For skydiving in tandem the upper limit weight-130 kg.
So not everyone can afford such health extreme entertainment as skydiving. Contraindications you will find in the next section.

Skydiving: contraindications.

Who cannot jump?

  • People suffering from epilepsy (strictly forbidden).
  • People with mental illness.
  • Patients with diabetes mellitus.
  • Deaf or suffering from acute or chronic disease of the middle ear.
  • To parachute jumping is not allowed, people with high blood pressure.
  • It is not recommended to jump for colds and rhinitis, t. k. skydiving can cause damage to the nasal sinuses and eardrums.
  • You are not allowed to jump under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What else do you need to jump

  • Suitable clothing and footwear. With a show on 1 km the temperature decreases by 6 degrees, so clothing must be closed, even in summer, for example, tracksuit, or overalls, gloves, goggles. Athletic shoes-sneakers (at 800 metres jumps need shoes with high ankle boot or sneaker plus bandages). All the small things out of pockets and leave on Earth.
  • Status and mood. Do jump in good physical shape-in a healthy state of mind and body. Relax, sleep, Eve does not drink alcohol. And impressions, memories for a lifetime, you provided! Who knows, maybe you'll discover a talent balloonist?

Interesting facts:
  • First woman to woman parachute jump, was Mrs. Georgia Thompson, Henderson, North Carolina. At the age of 15 years, being a wife and mother, she joined in 1908, a group of paratroopers, and five years later, June 21, 1913 year made her first jump over Los Angeles.
  • Now jumping on the precision landing is one of the two main disciplines of classical parachutism. The challenge in jumping on precision is the size of a target defeat 3 cm.
  • When one lands on the roof of buildings-glavnoe uspet run and push off from the plane of the building, while the dome of a parachute is not "went out".
  • How the aircraft must return empty, so those who dramatically changed his mind to jump on board already throw

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