How to prolong youth

сохранить молодость

Today save an attractive appearance and prolong the active life can be up to a ripe old age. For this purpose it is not necessary to resort to plastic surgeons, because plastic, like veils, covers the external and diverts attention from the true, inner problems. But here's to help address stands. Geriatrics

The direction of medicine, studying problems of aging of the human body and the development of the basic principles on the prevention of age-related diseases, based on the multi-year study, rethinking the traditions of ancient Eastern medicine and latest discoveries. Thanks to the geriatric aging process you can now control the hormonal and cellular level.

Have you heard about the "six pillars of longevity? Ancient piously believed that temple Foundation is built on six pillars of longevity, it is worthwhile to remove one and start to crumble the entire building. It turns out they are the basis for the concept of anti-aging medicine.

Firstone of the most important, proper, balanced diet. We all have favorite dishes and unloved. In addition, some products can be useful for one and absolutely useless for another person. Meal plan doctors develop individually after the required detailed analysis of food preferences and habits of the patient, taking into account taste and favor.

Second "pillar"-motor activity. It's not just fitness. The fact of the matter is that many diseases the body can cope on its own. It is only necessary to find the right exercise. The doctor after a complete diagnosis will determine the type and duration of your workout.

The third -hormonal therapy. With age in female organism accumulates deficit hormones, which needs to be filled. However, you should take the medication only if gormonodeficit revealed in an ad hoc studies. Taking them in small quantities, you will feel like to you returning strength and youthfulness, and desires.

Fourth "pillar"-correct and thoughtful intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and plant components capable of slow aging at the cellular level.

The fifth -ability to switch. One of the main causes of premature aging-stress. The ability to overcome the stressful situation, configure itself on the positive twist-a surefire way to cheat time. For this you just need to learn to switch from work to rest and even when busy schedule to find time for walks.

Finally, Sixth "pillar"-dermatological control, including beauty products and ways to prevent skin aging. However, if you carefully observe these principles, then this "homework" does not take a lot of time and will not require major financial investments. Because regular customers salons beauty and plastic surgery clinics, in fact, correct the consequences of improper lifestyle.

Anti-aging program necessarily preceded by a thorough diagnosis. Doctors were examining the overall health of the patient's hormonal status, doing blood tests and conduct a special genetic test Ale determining its biological age. Based on the results of the study shall be prepared by an individual plan of care.

At what age should consider extending the active life? Of course, everyone decides it himself. The main thing-do not forget the wise ancient rule: no need to wait for illnesses and ailments! Start to care about health when it still is!

At thirty we are young and full of energy. 8 this age rare person is aware that the mechanism of aging have already started: in the body is produced fewer decreases efficiency. Fatigue and irritation accumulated almost imperceptibly at first, but with every passing year more and stronger. To forty, fifty years of hormone deficiency is felt ever more clearly.

So, where to start? Those who have no time or opportunity to immediately contact a specialist in geriatrics to develop an individual plan of youth prolongation, doctors recommend:

  • Select your schedule at least fifteen minutes a day for a walk in the fresh air. Remember: even short walk contributes significantly to the strengthening of protective forces of the organism.
  • Sleep as much as you want to your body. Make sure that your bed It was comfortable, and the air in the bedroom fresh.
  • Take care of yourself, love your face and body.
  • Twice a week not dine. When this will go into the habit, try not to eat after 6 or replace dinner, a glass of kefir.
  • Listen to classical music. It will help you in dealing with stress and fatigue.
  • Smile. The problem did not react to the eyebrows and nose pushed down the corners of the lips, a smile. This helps overcome stress easier.
  • If you want to hear nice about yourself, don't forget to say a pleasant surrounding.

Love your life, enjoy it, keep renewing youth!


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