Doctors have compiled a list of the most useless and harmful food products

вредные продукты

Every day through your body undergo various foods: useful and not very. It should be remembered that the abuse of any food, even the most useful, does harm to health. Doctors have compiled a list of products which are unhelpful at all under any circumstances and no matter in what quantities.


Modern chips to âdohimikatam much closer than to the products. In particular, they cannot be allowed high levels of carcinogens-cancer-inducing substances.

Sweet sparkling water

It's hellish, fully synthetic mixture of chemicals, diluted with water and soda. Colourings, preservatives, sweeteners affect the digestive tract irritatingly, impair digestion and violate metabolism. Characteristically, the sweet sparkling water is unable to quench their thirst.

Energy drinks

Energy are also relevant to the carbonated water, but here the situation is aggravated by the addition of percussion doses of caffeine or other stimulants, hitters backhand on vessels, heart and nervous system.


The current industrial production sauce created from cheap fat, emulsifiers, thickeners, flavour enhancers, dyes, stabilizers and other improvers, nes″edobnogo harmful to health.

Chewy candy

Natural make up there, if they do not classify refined sugar. Everything else-the wonders of chemical and food design. Beautiful, attractive, tasty-and absolutely, completely inedible, plus sticks to teeth, promoting the development of caries.

Sausage products

Jokes about toilet paper, from which make boiled sausage, outdated, because the paper is worth is clearly more expensive ingredients, of which produced modern sausage production. In the present the sausage meat is on average 20-25% at best, and we are talking about meat, brought from abroad in frozen blocks. All the rest is protein-fatty emulsion, genetically modified soybeans and of course abundant chemical improvers, where without them.


Under snacks mean all sorts of industrial way manufactured snacks like crackers with different flavours, starch ringlets and other junk food, so beloved by adolescents. Still the same pure chemistry, without impurities. When such unnatural products arrive in the digestive tract, the body simply doesn't know what to do with them-they cannot be digested, it is difficult to neutralize and withdraw.


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