How to determine your skin type

skin types

Skin is:
1) normal (healthy)
2) Oily
3) Dry
4) Mixed or combined
For normal skin has a natural beige color, corporal, which usually occurs in children. The skin elastic, smooth, it does not have any rash or pigmentation. Holders of this type of skin can be called a rare lucky ones: it does not require special care, it almost does not suffer from imperfections and easily recovers.
Dry skin is different paleness and sensitivity. It is often so thin that, through the visible capillaries. On subject to constant extremely dry, as well as the early formation of wrinkles and aging. Any bad weather hurting her, and because of the low fat content of the skin cannot hold as much water as necessary, so the ideal lean moisturizing cosmetics.
Oily skin often brings to life its holder strongly enlarged pores and acne with bold glitter. Sebaceous glands have a high activity, hence acne. Many adolescents adolescence normal skin turns greasy, which is especially noticeable in the t-zone (the area of the nose, Chin and forehead). To care for this type of skin you want to use deep cleansers that remove fat and sweat.
Combination skin has signs of normal and oily: in the area of the nose, Chin and forehead skin is glossy, black spots, enlarged pores, and on the cheeks and under the eyes, the skin or normal or a little dry. The holders of this type should use different cleaners and care means for different sites.

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