How to properly take a bath


Any funds not only produced the modern cosmetic industry to wash process was as pleasant as possible and effective! Shower gels, foams, salts and bath oils, scented lotions and body scrubs. Even it is hard to imagine that instead of all this splendour people had to use mixed with fragrant essences mylistuû clay.

Until the 17th century, the main raw material for the manufacture of soaps, kitchen grease and served as a furnace wood ash. The first SOAP, appeared in the nineteenth century, different from usual for that time SOAP, brewed from a mixture of fat with the addition of alkali, that contain aromatic floral lipstick. Well, fundamentally new detergents, such as liquid soap and shower gel, first went on sale only at the end of the last century.

Protection against nature

Purity, as we know, healthy, but too frequent washing with sponge and SOAP can harm our skin. The fact of the matter is that soaps, removing dirt, simultaneously destroying acid fatty skin cover, which is its natural protective barrier prevents it from losing moisture and gives it the softness and elasticity. So instead of SOAP beauticians are advised to use shower gels: they do not consist of lye, and Furthermore, they relaxed their composition of extracts of herbs, plants and essential oils.

True, not all varieties of soaps is uniquely harmful skin cover. For example, natural SOAP, where the active chemical, alkali detergent soft components replaced, absolutely does not dry the skin, explained It can be cooked with olive oil, seaweed and even mud. Sometimes it contains pieces of fruit or Exfoliating particles-crushed raspberry seeds, crushed apricot pits, oat bran, etc. Parfûmirovannoe SOAP, supplementing many fragrance lines, is quite strong and long-lasting fragrance. By the way, most reputable companies releases and special SOAP recommended for use instead of gel for washing.

However, natural SOAP is a product of very expensive and few people can afford to use it constantly. Economical alternative to liquid hand soaps and shower gels with suitable for skin pH level 5.0 -5.5.

The art of taking a bath

Bathing in the tub-an ancient ritual that serves not only to cleanse the skin, but also for relaxation. You can take a bath with various additives and a variety of ways.

Bath with sea salt relieves muscle and joint pain, tones and cleanses the skin. Such baths are especially useful in early spring, when the skin is pale and weak. Bath with milk or oat flakes infusion softens the skin and bath with addition of cups of vinegar whitens it and tightens dilated pores.

One of the oldest water-bath with aromatic oils. Five to ten drops of oil (e.g., bergamotovogo, tangerine or grapefruit) added to water for baths, promote relaxation and good mood. You can add 1-2 drops of oil and a portion of bath gel or foam for baths. Very helpful tub with herbal infusions, strengthen the nervous system, increase the tone of the whole organism and influencing the skin and hair. After such bathes, no need to rinse the body with water and even more so to use SOAP.

Vary temperature and water baths. A hot bath (40° c), which activates blood circulation, can be taken within five minutes. After this we recommend that you take a cool shower this will help regulate blood pressure. A warm bath with pine extract (34-37° c) is relaxing for muscles and internal organs and has a calming effect. Also have a positive effect on the nervous system cool baths (28-33° c) for 5-10 minutes.

Soulful approach

Refreshing shower is the best way to wake up in the morning. Rule of thumb: whatever temperature shower you take, check out the guaranteed best cool water. For stimulation of metabolic processes in the body and training it is recommended that the protective functions of the skin contrast shower. Wait 1-2 minutes under hot water, and then to 5-10 seconds, and then cold. Do this a few times, and then vigorously rub the body towel. And here is the preferred evening warm shower (36-37° c), which relaxes and helps to tune in to sleep.

By the way, do you use a deodorant immediately after washing? And very properly do! The sweat secreted by two million sweat glands to ensure thermoregulation of the human body itself is odorless and unpleasant smells only when broken by the action of skin bacteria. That is why it is necessary to put deodorant on just clean skin bacteria have not yet started their "destructive activities".

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