Indoor air pollution is dangerous for the heart

Regular use of kerosene or diesel fuel for cooking, heating or lighting of the premises increases the risk of heart attack and premature death. This conclusion was made by researchers from Northwestern University. Experts analyzed the data more than 50000 people from Iran, writes

The average age of the participants at the beginning of the study was 52 years. 80% of volunteers lived in rural areas. The participants watched about 10 years. The researchers evaluated the effects of burning wood, kerosene, diesel fuel, cow manure and natural gas.

Scientists have discovered: those who burned kerosene and diesel fuel, the risk of death for any reason proved to be upgraded to 6%, and the probability of death due to heart disease at 11%. In addition, these volunteers at 14% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease compared to the rest.

Among the participants, using natural gas, the risk of death from heart disease was at 6 per cent lower than those who used other types of fuel. Scientists do not believe in the existence of a causal link. But, apparently, not only is dangerous for the health of passive smoking and air pollution on the street.


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