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The question "how to exercise to remove here daily ask fitness instructors to millions of people worldwide. In response, decided to advise the leisurely jogging, slow cycling, monotonous skipping and other aerobic exercises. Most importantly, say instructors monitor your heart rate (HR): optimal for burning fat is considered the pulse of 60-80% of your maximum, which is calculated by the formula: 220 minus age (for women) and 205 minus 1/2 (for men).

For example, if I want to lose weight, should I will ensure that my working heart rate during exercise was about 130 beats per minute. In this mode, you can (and should) deal with one and a half to two hours to achieve visible results. The problem is that neither I nor most of the ordinary people of these two hours a day there.

What is interval training?

Interval training is a method that allows you to maximize efficiency and reduce training time, was borrowed from a fitness professional sports. This interval training is when running, jumping, sit-ups, push-ups, and any other high-intensity exercise interspersed with short rest. Last such classes to a maximum of half an hour, but these half an hour a man remembers for a long time.

Interval training is not so nice as Seth on an elliptical exerciser in front of the tv. Work here have to wear, because the high intensity is, for example, 25 sit-ups for half a minute, then rest 10 seconds, then squats and rest again. And so minutes 5-10!

Who deals with interval training?

In the schedule interval training fitness classes are marked as advanced level of difficulty. Go to such lessons fitness fans, thrill seekers. Courts in the gymnasium of painful and unpleasant, but fat is not just Burns, and blue flame blazes. «Here's a simple example: one taught English for two years, another two months, but both have the same knowledge, "explains instructor" live! "Leonid Zaitsev, is Just one held basic course and the other is intense. Fitness is the same: you can lose weight year, spilling sweat on the cardio machines and you can lose weight in one month, performing high-intensity exercises.

What happens at a speed of 25 sit-ups for 30 seconds?

Our muscles are composed of slow and fast fibres. Slow are responsible for overall endurance, quick — the ability to rapidly develop speed or lift a lot of weight. So the 90%-70 classic muscle tissue consists of fast fibers, and marathoners at 70-90% of the slowest. Training on interval′nomu method man uses both types of muscles.

Calculation of the pulse in the interval training is approximately the same as in aerobics — from 75% to 85% of the maximum. Allowed up to 95%, but only in the presence of a coach who will provide first aid. "It's a kind of extreme," explains Fitness Club Manager "World Class Romanov″" Vasyl Kozyrev. -For daily exercise, it is not suitable. Two to three workouts per week is a maximum of ".

What is interval training is more effective?

There are countless types of interval training. And although they have the same principle of action is high intensity training alternates with brief rest periods — some of them deserve special attention.

1. Waldemar Geršlera Method

Geršler — founder of interval training. "Steady jogging is a waste of forces is considered Waldemar Geršler. Interval training system allows you to achieve the same results for six weeks, which is the usual method of training for 12. In 1939 year entrusted his concerns athlete Rudolf Harbig set a world record in the 800 m, breaking the distance for 1 minute 46 seconds.

Where to start: you must know your best time in the 100, 200 and 600 m. to run 100 metres in 3 seconds slower his record, then catch my breath for two minutes. When the pulse must be reduced to a minimum of 120 beats. Then run another 100 m, rest and again take the pulse. Exercise ends when the pulse ceases to be restored in the allotted 2 minutes.

Time: individually, but not more than half an hour

2. Fartlek

Translated from the Swedish name means "game speed". During a jog to change traffic: on startup to develop cruising speed, and then run a kilometer or two in a quiet pace. Officially the Fartlek program was introduced in the Olympic Team Sweden in the mid-50 's, he was later adopted by the United States Marine Corps.

Where to start: to convince someone of your friends train together. First perform a workout — 5-10 minutes of light jogging, then slightly accelerate and run 1-2 km, then go to the quick step and restore breathing. This "game speed" is a running race. On a straight road, up the Hill (170-200 m), finally is walking.

Time: 20 minutes

3. Tabata Method (Tabata Protocol»)

In 1996 Dr. Izumi Tabata of the National Institute of fitness and sports in Kanoya, Kagoshima (Japan) conducted a study which resulted in the painted second četyrehminutnaâ training. If you believe, Tabate method allows to burn nine times more fat than regular jogs. It is enough to see the video to understand: it could not be otherwise.

Where to start: you need to buy a stopwatch (or customize it in your mobile phone) and choose any exercise is twisting the abdominals, press-up, squat, etc. Run it at high speed, repeat 20-25 times for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat alternating sets eight times.

Time: 4 minutes

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