How correctly to sunbathe

загораем правильно

Lovers of beautiful Tan often sent him not in the solarium on the sea coast, which is understandable: a light salty breeze, the lapping of the waves, the cries of seagulls relaxing, adjust on a romantic mood. While you relax, the hot sun gives the skin a unique chocolate hue, thanks to which each woman becomes irresistible. But long to luxuriate in the rays of lights isn't worth it. To your physical appearance after visiting the resort changed for the better, to sunbathe you need to properly.

The truth about suntan 

Sunlight healing properties have long been known. Contained in the spectrum ultraviolet radiation causes sunburn-education special colouring pigment skin in bronze color and "responsible" for the absorption of vitamin d. exposure to sunlight is a powerful natural hardening automatic procedure that has beneficial effects on the whole body. Finally, the sunlight is able to cure depression, return the cheerful mood.

But do not forget that the Sun can be not only a friend but also your enemy. Excess solar radiation:

  • causes skin irritation-from slight reddening before Burns
  • reduces the protective functions of the skin, promotes its rapid aging;
  • accelerates the formation of wrinkles and age spots;
  • upsets thermoregulation causing sunstroke;
  • provokes growth of tumors.

Prolonged exposure to the Sun is contraindicated in pregnant women, people suffering from certain diseases. In addition, the role of tanning in the synthesis of vitamin D decreases.

Useful tips

So, if you decided to sunbathe, try to adhere to certain rules. The basic principle-all you need to know when to stop. Therefore:

  • trip at sea was preferable to plan Indian summer, when the Sun is not scorching;
  • the best time to tan-from 9.00 to 11.00 and from 16.00 to 18.00. At lunchtime the Sun particularly active;
  • to Tan went smoothly, are at the pond: the Sun's rays bouncing off the surface of the water, fall on the body. For the same purpose, it is recommended not to lie motionless on the beach, and actively move: play volleyball or simply walking near the sea;
  • sunbathing and shade trees: ultraviolet rays penetrate foliage, but the chance of scorch or get sunstroke dropping at times;
  • do not Tan immediately after eating (increases the risk of getting malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract), not to quench your thirst for cold drinks on the beach, for this purpose suitable unsweetened green tea;
  • to avoid sunstroke, wear a hat. The eyes must protect quality glasses-the usual cheap pass infrared and ultraviolet radiation, especially harmful for the eyes;
  • correctly choose a sun-protection cosmetics, do not apply on skin mineral fats (petrolatum, glycerin) because it can cause burns;
  • before heading to the beach to lubricate her lips colorless lipstick;
  • time sun exposure increase gradually. Start with 10 minutes, adding every day for 2-3 minutes, reach 15-20 minutes, soak up more receptions;
  • just before Tan is not recommended to bathe with SOAP, cleansing skin lotion or alcohol-thus you increase the risk of a burn;
  • Tan to stayed longer, should not be within 1-2 hours after returning from a beach for a swim with a washcloth and SOAP;
  • use the opportunity to sunbathe in bikinis: under the influence of the Sun, the skin of the buttocks will be silky, increases tone and elasticity;
  • small droplets of water on your body can play a role of small lenses, so leaving the water a little dry skin with a towel, otherwise risk scorch;
  • sunbathing topless, be careful-skin on the nipple is particularly sensitive to sunlight;
  • being in the Sun, listen to your feelings: If you see the nausea, dizziness, immediately leave the beach. Stop sunbathing, if feel on your skin tingle-it means a light burn you already got.


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