What choose dumbbells?

The choice of dumbbells stands take with seriousness and responsibility. Incorrectly selected dumbbells can cause irreparable harm and cause nasty diseases.

When you select should pay attention to weight, comfort grip, and the ability to add load in the future. It is therefore the ideal solution in this case will be collapsible dumbbells. They represent a slate pencil, on which are hung from two sides pancakes of different weights.

Ideal for women with a narrow-necked dumbbell will be ideal for a small female palms. Such dumbbells exercise much easier.

When you purchase dumbbells with additional weights in the set is worth to draw attention to the fingerboard. It should not be very smooth, since large scale handle will slide in his hand. However, and rough surface can serve the emergence of unpleasant calluses on the hands. An excellent choice becomes Vulture on the rubberized base.
It is very important that when you perform the exercises, so rolled crepes no advance notice on the reliability of fixing.

Dismountable dumbbell should give you an opportunity to increase the weight for a maximum of one and a half kilograms. Therefore, the set must be pancakes weighing 0.5 and 1 kg. 

If you plan to do aerobics, light dumbbells for 2-3 kg. For power exercises you will need dumbbells considerably heavier.
For men and women just beginning exercise, it's best to start small and gradually increase the weight.


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