Meat diet

Meat diet: features, pros and cons

Everyone knows that dietary meat is the main source of animal protein, which is necessary for the normal functioning of our body. Meanwhile, to digest this protein, the body often spend more calories than in meat. It is on this and built primarily meat-diet by increasing the intake of protein and some reduction of carbohydrates in the diet the body starts actively spend subcutaneous fat (from which it takes energy to break down and absorption of protein). 

Unlike most other protein diets, meat diet still allows certain types of carbohydrates-to be precise-permits "complex carbohydrates" (vegetables, some berries and fruits, cereals and pasta of durum wheat). Meanwhile, all kinds of fast carbs categorically excluded under the ban get sweets, fast food, soda, flour products, white bread and other products). Also excluded from the diet of foods high in starch, for example, potatoes and rice.

Prepare dishes for the meat diet is best for a couple. You can also boil, bake in the oven to roast on the grill. You can use spices and herbs, but you can't. As refueling allowed only lemon juice and olive oil (no more than 1 TSP for one meal).

Because meat diet is among strict protein techniques, sit on it 10 days. At the exit of the diets must be gradually increase daily "dose" of carbohydrates, but still at the expense of products containing so-called helpful "slow carbs"-that is, instead of chocolate and French pastries should eat cereals, legumes, vegetable dishes, fruit. 

Meat diet: sample diet

Despite the variety of menus with meat diet, this diet is pretty strict. First of all, the meat should be lean, without fat and eat it best boiled. 

The basic principles of meat diets are:

    • There is a recommended 4-5 times a day, with portions must be identical;


    • drink only water, coffee and tea without sugar, and you can drink until 30 minutes after the end of the meal;


    • for 3-4 hours before bedtime is prohibited;


  • per day you need to consume no more than 450 g of meat.


Sample daily diet with meat diet:

    • Breakfast: a piece of boiled chicken, veal or 2 boiled eggs and coffee or tea without sugar;


    • lunch: vegetable juice or eating cooked chicken breast;


    • lunch: salad with lemon juice and olive oil, a piece of cooked veal or chicken;


    • Snack: boiled or fried in olive oil cold meats with herbs;


  • dinner: salad of vegetables plus a piece of cooked fish, flavored with lemon juice.


For 10 days the meat diet you can throw up to 5-7 pounds overweight. In addition, nutritionists recommend that often times a month the discharge day on meat-that is, for one day you eat exclusively cooked lean meat (Turkey, rabbit or beef) without salt. Only one such discharge day, you can get rid of 2 kg-the truth is, alas, not fat and water and so-called "food" (toxins, degradation products, excess water, etc.).

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