Heart rate monitors

Over the past few years has significantly increased the range of sports accessories, among which are reliable heart rate monitors of different brands and models. But can you believe they need or is this just a passing fad? To answer this question, to start with, you must understand what is heart rate monitor and how it works.

Long found that select a safe pace cardio workouts, you will need to know your heart rate during exercise. Hence the need for a device that helps monitor heart rate and rhythm. Some cardio simulators feature special handles which allow you to measure the pulse. Unfortunately, sometimes these data lacked credibility, so there is a need to pul′sometrah that would be counted down pulse throughout the workouts, without interruption.

There are currently several types of pul′sometrov: finger with breast strap, as well as in the form of a bracelet on the wrist. Manufacturers also often introduce heart rate measurement function in electronic watches.

Some types of pul′sometrov waterproof, so they can be used not only during the races and other cardio workouts on land, but during the voyage.
So whether you need a heart rate monitor? Answer: Yes. This device will allow you not only to choose a safe training program, but for all of the lessons will keep track of your heart rate, that will give you the opportunity to pay attention to the unexpected jump in the rhythm and pace of the pulse. There are many cases where the heart rate monitor has helped avoid fatal consequences associated with cardiovascular disease.

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