How to choose a swimming Cap

Swimming Cap performs several functions, among them protecting hair from chlorinated water and obfuscation. Cap also keeps the heat your body and improves glide in the water. Therefore, it is important to choose it correctly.

Swimming caps have no clear separation into dimensions. However, there are special children's hats, designed for young children's heads.

There are several types of caps:

  • LaTeX: quite thin and fragile, but cheapest.
  • Silicone: strong and durable. Such caps are hypoallergenic, flexible and comfortable to sit on your head.
  • Fabric: such caps are inexpensive and designed for picking up hair. However, it does not protect hair from chlorinated water, as instantly becomes wet.
If you have long hair, do not despair. Many manufacturers produce special hats for long hair, which the inner part of the tissue helps gather the hair in such a way that the swimmer felt comfortable.

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