Running: wrestling with injuries

Incorrect load distribution during jogging can lead to very unpleasant consequences. There is a list of injuries that appear as the sprinters and those who run long distances. Basically it is a trauma of tendons and muscles of the feet, which requires a long period of treatment and rehabilitation.

There are diseases such as "runner's knee" and "broken leg", which are typical for athletes-professionals. The reason for this can serve incorrectly selected shoes, high level loads, ignoring streamers or the presence of flatfoot. However, these diseases can also occur when a deficiency of vitamins in the body.

"Broken leg" is most likely to occur in athletes who run long distances. It provokes a violation of fascia of leg muscles. Symptoms: after or while jogging appear pain at the front of the tibia, which extend up from the inside of the ankle. In addition to the above reasons, this disease can also occur due to the abrupt change of surface for running.

When identifying the symptoms of "split" time must be on the tibia to stop jogging and replace them with a pool, or bike. You must also refer to the Podiatrist and competently pick up shoes. Mandatory item: stretching front and rear golennyh muscles, as well as adding and balancing exercises coordination in training. If the pain persist for a long time, you should immediately consult your doctor-the doctor.

«Wheel» runner can harm not only to professionals but also amateurs of morning and evening jogging. Injury occurs due to inflammation of the tendons of the external surface of the thighs to stifle joint, which is called "naprâgatelem wide fascia of the thigh. Symptoms: during long jogging (2 km or more) appear painful sensations with the outside of the knee joint.

Among other things, cause of "runner's knee" can be running on uneven surfaces with a slope (for example, road shoulders) and a sharp increase in loads. There is a need to identify the cause of pain and immediately fix it.

Frequent problem runners is the development of Flatfoot or other foot pathologies. This is a serious breach, which should start to struggle as soon as possible. For any such complications, it is best to replace jogging swimming or veloprogulkami. It is necessary to strengthen the tendons, as well as a banner of muscles used while running. You should also seek the advice of a Podiatrist: might need not athletic and special shoes.

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