What to look for when choosing your hockey skates?

The size of the
As a rule, experts recommend buying skates at polrazmera more than a foot. However, do not blindly follow this advice. The main criterion in this case is comfort. Someone buys skates "in prityk," someone on the smaller someone anymore. All the matter is that larger big blade length, and consequently less maneuverability. So some athletes knowingly bought skates.

Also not worth buying skates for children "to grow into" so they will be harder to move around on the ice.

First, you must know what you are buying skates. Because it depends on what form and model is it worth choosing.

Skates are soft, hard and very hard. Hard boot better prevents injuries, but did not give the freedom of action that can provide a soft boot. Therefore, professionals often choose soft skates because their legs ready for specific loads. Newbie, coming on the same ice in such skaters can easily tuck the leg. Therefore, it is best to choose heavier skates, thus reducing the risk of injury.

It's time to change
How to determine that, skates worn and it is time to replace them? Note whether they firmly hold the leg. If not, it's time to go shopping. Professional hockey players wear up to 3 pairs of skates for the season. Amateurs couples Skate can suffice for several years, but it is always better to draw attention to the worn-out shoes in advance.

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