Painting by numbers

Now increasingly gaining popularity special sets for painting. Using canvas, brushes, and paints you, even without drawing skills, you can create a picture of incredible beauty.

«Coloring» for adults and children represent a canvas on which markings and numbers necessary colors. Painting by numbers, as it is known such sets manufacturers, are perfect to relax in a tranquil home environment.

Today we will present a few tips for creating artistic masterpieces.

Open paint included in the kit, it is necessary to very carefully. It is advisable to mix paints a toothpick or match to color was c.


  • Necessary brushes and paints, as already included.
  • Hold the brush like a pen: so it will be easier for her to maneuver.
  • Try to Dunk in the paint just the tip of the brush.
  • To press down on it too hard, or else run the risk of its damage. Keep the brush must be easy and soft pressure.
  • Depending on the area of paint, use brushes appropriate sizes.
  • Before moving on to a piece of another color wash brush, otherwise paint in cans can mingle.
  • If you accidentally kapnuli paint on canvas, rinse it with water, removing excess with a dry sponge.

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