Where to relax in the summer in silence: parks Essentukov


Unique mineral springs-it is a gift of nature, vested in the city of Yessentuki. But this gift of nature and was limited to. In this place there is no cool mountains, waterfalls, forests. Countryside Prairie and sultry. To enjoy the curative Springs man decided to change the local landscape. Essentukov magnificent parks, lakes, parks, fountains-is all of creation of human hands.

In 1848 year begins the history of the spa park. Count Vorontsov, Viceroy of the Caucasus, told green place. It was not an easy task. The place is absolutely naked and ventilated on all sides. But in the year 1849 Resort Park in Essentuki began planted shrubs and saplings brought from Warsaw and Tiflis Botanical Garden nurseries. For the holiday park was identified an area of over 60 hectares, and terrain park was divided into upper and lower. To drain the Marsh places and Park were sent two companies of soldiers. At this time seven-and-a-half were planted thousands of trees. The main entrance to the Park was decorated monolithic pillars. In the Park have made the tracks. The terrenkure have established indices, designated places of rest. Park continued to ozelenât′sâ trees from around the world. Soon the Resort Park Essentuki already totalled 186 species of trees and shrubs.

From the central square of the city begins the main alley of the spa park. This avenue is the main Pavilion No. 4 sources and no. 17. It is also a building of mechanotherapy. Ends the main alley of the famous Mud. Alley is subtly decorated tracery arbours, see about pump rooms, fountains and sculptural constructions in classical style.

Resort Park became the main place where newcomers spent their vacation. At the beginning of the last century medical Park in Essentuki was divided into three parts: the old-Vorontsov, top, housed almost all of the sources and the building of baths and a young Park-Pantelemonovskij, which was named after the Church of St. panteleimon.

Medical Park in Essentuki continued to improve and in the years of Soviet power. In 30-ies were erected and inhalation left wing Lower mineral baths. During the occupation of 1942, many hospitals in the park were partially destroyed. After the liberation from the Nazis began an intensive restoration of the resort. The Park was decorated with the main entrance, two cascade staircases, which posted large and several small fountains. Was later installed trim pump source Essentuki-4. The pump room is made of glass and concrete, adorned with mosaics. At the same time built a building and a pond of physiotherapy.

Therapeutic effect of the resort is not only curative mineral water in Yessentuki, but also a unique air Park.

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