Fruit diet

The pros and cons of a fruit diet for weight loss

Fruit diet for weight loss is good at least that it is based on fruits and their usefulness is written so much that it would be foolish to try to convince anyone otherwise. Not only do they contain many useful vitamins and minerals, but also responsible for our mood. Sitting on a fruit diet for weight loss you can per week to lose 5-7 kg. But, alas, even so easy and tasty diet has its contraindications allergies to any fruit (mainly for citrus fruit, strawberries), gastritis with hyperacidity or ulcers. Another caveat is that a large number of fruit may prevent weight loss, because fructose going fruit, often processed into fat. It is not recommended that you stick to fruit diets for longer than 10 days-this will cause protein starvation. In order to remedy the lack of proteins you can over fruit slimming diets consume dairy foods low in fat. 

Among the obvious pluses diets-cleansing the body of toxins, reduction of cellulite and improve colour, reduction of time expenses for cooking complex meals. 

Rules on fruit diets for weight loss

Fruit diet slimming can be based on the use of one type of fruit (mono-diets) or more (mixed). Monodieta better, but mixed-easier tolerated. The essence of the fruit diet is in use during the day, fruit and dairy products (milk, kefir). Preference should be given to the fruit such as apples, peaches, oranges, Grapefruits, melons, pineapples. You must be careful with bananas and grapes: in large quantities they, on the contrary, can lead to weight gain, and in principle, it is hard to digest and may cause constipation and flatulence.

You can diversify your menu zapekaâ fruit with cinnamon, while preparing the fruit salads with low-fat yogurt or fresh juices. You can also add more nuts or seeds rich in protein. 

Like practically all slimming diets, fruit diet is not designed for long-term use, but you may periodically arrange based on fasting days and health benefits, and tangible support in the fight against obesity.


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