Tropical world

May 31, 2014 year on second territory Bird Park opens new facility-indoor Pavilion "tropical world.


"Tropical world» is a pavilion with artificial climates where year-round tropical summer reigns. Our park was the first among zoos in Russia and abroad was able to implement a project of this scale.

Even in the most severe frost temperature does not fall below Pavilion 23-25 degrees Celsius with 75-80% humidity. Governs all year round tropical summer. 
On the eve of the opening of "Tropical World" from one of the largest farms in the Netherlands, specializing in breeding and selling green exotic, here delivered about 1000 plants more than 100 species and varieties. And in the first year here have begun to bear fruit, papayas, bananas, carambola (star fruit or) and coffee.

Before you take a step into man-made "jungle", be sure to pay attention to the exhibitions, placed on both sides of the inlet Tambura. Exposition on the left gives you an idea of the diversity of insects, the most numerous group of the Animal Kingdom. For luminaires collection boxes on the walls and in the display shows bright large butterflies, beetles, dressed in otlivaûŝie metal shells, whimsical mantid and covered with spines stick insects, giant grasshoppers and giant Hemiptera-belostomy. They are all residents of the tropics, where nature is fantastically generous on the imagination.

Not less remarkable Exposition right from the entrance. There are samples of minerals and rocks collected in the different regions of our planet. Brightness and beauty of some of them is not to lose the most colorful butterflies.

Of course, the tropical Pavilion in any Zoo cannot be imagined without animals and birds in the Park in the first place, no birds. In the tropical world "them too much, Twitter, whistling and other sounds come from different ends of the Hall, but not feathery themselves notice difficult. In the space of the Pavilion permanently "prescribed" two dozen species. Blue Chinese nightingales, Irena zolotistolobye leaflets, various starlings and Estrilda, Emerald doves, as well as diamond and Geopelia. On the ground running around the elegant quail krasnohohlye and tiny Chinese painted quail.

In addition, there are several enclosures inhabited: reptiles-Tiger Python-albino izelënye iguanas, as well as primates: lemurs Katta, Tamarin and squirrel squirrel monkey. In warmer months, primates can be seen in street enclosures on the right side of the Pavilion.

A special place in the exhibition hall occupies the exposition of nocturnal animals-"night world. Special attention of the visitors is attracted by small primates from the loriobraznyh Squad: slower Laurie and Senegalese galago, huge eyes give mordočkam both animals expression of unlimited in surprise. In the neighbouring enclosures settled dwarf petauridae, giant flying foxes, Nile megabat and spectacled listonosy. Among the feathered kids nights are the most famous, of course, owl, we see a small, thrush-sized bulanuû sovku. No less interesting to watch for rodents, leading nocturnal-pušistohvostoj pesčankoj and degu. The exhibition presents two types of small tropical nocturnal predators: Malayan Palm Civet and Kinkajou.

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