Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear wardrobe is an integral part of every professional athlete. It helps solve the problem of increased sweating, hypothermia, as well as overheating the body.

Select the correct and suitable thermal underwear is an important task. It all depends on what sport you do, because there are 2 basic types of thermal wear: for heat preservation and giving moisture from the surface of the skin. There are also models that combine both of these functions.

If your sports associated with increased sweating, then you should look at the termobel′û of synthetic materials. They have the ability to ignore the moisture through the fiber, not absorbing it. This underwear instantly displays the drops of sweat, leaving the body is completely dry. In addition, it dries quickly and does not require frequent washing.

Thermal underwear made from natural fibres copes with the challenge of retaining heat and allows athletes to not care about the likelihood of hypothermia. In thermal underwear made from cotton or wool body temperature stays comfortable. Such underwear will suit people involved in winter sports.

Thermal underwear from mixed fibres to cope simultaneously with two tasks: retains the warmth and regulates sweating.

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