Training swim goggles

A perfect option for people concerned with Aqua aerobics or just actively conducting time in the pool will be special training points. They eliminate discomfort due to a soft landing, which reduces pressure on the eyes. The basis of most models is silicone. Glasses of this material quite densely adjoin to a person that provides complete sealing. Lenses of this model are usually made of impact-resistant plastic and are often covered with anti zapotevaûŝim tool and UV protection.

In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics this model is quite often points included some replacement perenosic of different length that allows you to adjust the distance between the eye for a more comfortable workout.

Glasses do not have the ability to adjust eye distance between different long service. Nevertheless, such points should be selected very carefully and responsibly, especially people with a large perenosicej.

Color lenses is also an important component when you select the points.

  • Dark or SLR lenses: due to such coverage sun spots become less bright. Ideal for swimming in the open water or well-lit basins.
  • Smoky lenses: retain sharpness a bit by reducing brightness.
  • Orange, yellow and Brown lens: good for enclosed spaces. Make outlines sharper as increase contrast.
Swimming in open water must be necessarily in glasses with UV protection.


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