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Thanks to the media, most people are easy to distinguish the good and wholesome food from poor and substandard. But remains in the shadow of another aspect of healthy eating-what kind of food and at what time of day is more beneficial, just eat. Usually only actively discussed the issue of dinner-he needed or not needed and how much, and what kind of food he should be. Breakfast and lunch remains undeservedly forgotten altogether.

There are certain physiological laws that lives our digestive system and to facilitate her work it is necessary to watch not only what we eat, but what time we do it. As said Chinese sage Lao-Tze: "in any action a sense of time and timeliness is everything". Saying fully relates to our daily diet. 

If you expect this article to find out the exact timetable for the meal for you, then you're a bit of a hurry. Everyone on the basis of common rules should create your daily schedule. Try to deduce the formula of an ideal mode for all day-it's like trying to sew clothes that would have been in time to all people. So we'll have to work hard and strain their grey matter, and if you do it will cause to the end, significantly improve the quality of their lives. There are several reasons why you cannot make the general formula and food for all.

Each of us has its own defined heredity and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the makings of that inherited from mother nature. We are all different and each of us must grope a balance in nutrition, which will maximize your own potential. But on the other hand, our habits should not escalate in permissiveness, otherwise it could face serious health problems. 

Another reason it is impossible to create a perfect routine of the day for everyone, is that each of us has a specific agenda associated with employment, personal and public life. Despite these characteristics, it makes sense to learn and apply the basic rules of life meal.

The first question that arises is, and how many times generally sit at the table during the day. If we are talking about relatively healthy middle-aged people, you need to eat three times a day. Why three, rather than two, four or five times? There are two main reasons.

Each receiving food should give preference to food with a certain set of features. Read more about this talk just below, but the meaning of this rule is to saturate the body as much as possible useful and varied ingredients.

The second reason why three meal-it is necessary to give your body time to digest and assimilate the eaten food. When food enters the mouth, the digestion process is just beginning and it can last from 2 to 8:00. If we have three meals a day, the time between the techniques of food just enough to bring the digestive process to its logical end. Let's illustrate this situation.

In the morning, eaten a sandwich with sausage. To sandwich completely perevarilsâ and usvoilsâ requires 4-6:00. While roughly the first 2:00 digestion occurs in the stomach, and then in the gut. And that's when the body is ready to move the food WAD from the stomach into the intestine, to bring the process of splitting up to the end, a person eats something else (for example, pie, pizza, sweet chocolate bar or any other food). New food, the stomach, the digestive process starts anew, with the old food (morning sandwich) can no longer get into the intestine, and he still will be for a long time in the stomach, waiting in the wings. So, seemingly simple and natural actions make chaos in the digestion process and the work of the whole organism.

As a result of this situation, there are many problems over time, starting with bowel disorders (constipation, that poison the whole body) and ending with the ulcer, gastritis and the emergence of large quantities of free radicals that destroy the body from the inside out. Therefore we must think not only about how to eat healthy food, but also that it perevarilas′ and metabolised by the body.

Snacking on the go. This variant of the reception food is quite common, especially among young people. As you already understood from this habit must be overcome and the sooner, the better, and generally more useful tune into a full meal before the advent of the feeling of satiety.

Now let's analyze when and what better place to eat.


The best time for breakfast-this is the length of time between 7 and 9:00. Our organism lives on certain daily rhythms, and precisely at this time active energy is in the gastrointestinal tract. Another good habit for breakfast-it must "earn", i.e. perform charging, or any active homework. Not the best option when right out of bed the man sits down at the table, in such a situation, it is not only awake consciousness, but also the internal organs.

Since the morning the body rested, it does not require abundant and rich food. Best fit fruit, vegetable salad, if there's an appetite for something sleek, low carbohydrate food (rice, potatoes). Breakfast is especially important for overweight people, eating food, we run and activate the metabolism that naturally promotes weight reset.


During the day, all we are doing active work-we need energy. So lunch should consist of fruit, vegetables and cereals (or any other source of carbohydrates). Lunch is similar to breakfast-only in larger volume. The optimal time for lunch from 13 till 3:00 pm.


Ahead of the night's rest, during which the body restores tissue, damaged during the day, so dinner should consist of protein-as the main source of "building material" for humans. Protein foods should be eaten together with vegetable salads, which food will be fully processed. Dinner is best between 18 to 8:00 pm.

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