Home fitness: basic rules


You do not have access to fitness facilities and train under the supervision of professional instructors? Do not hurry to get upset and "put a cross on their once-ideal forms. Today, many busy ladies successfully master the subtleties of home fitness, which we decided to tell you about.

Home fitness exercise can do so with the same effect as in the gym. Training must necessarily combine cardio exercise and weight loads. So, our home fitness will consist of the following stages:

  1. Warm-up.
  2. The power part of the workout.
  3. Pinning effect of cardio exercises.

Limber up before exercise can be, today the street (with sidecar) or spending a little time on a simulator. Good workout lasts for 10-15 minutes. Your goal is to prepare the body to more serious training.

To perform power part it is better to use dumbbells, wheels, rollers, grippers and other items that can be put down for the good of shape. The ideal home strength training should last about 45 minutes. The most important thing is to pick the right weight weighting to push themselves to the Max for 12-15 repetitions of exercises. You should feel the muscles cease to obey you (status of muscular failure "). If after 15 repetitions you still have forces on another set, next time increase the weighting.

Further, most enjoyable — attachment cardio minutes 20. If the House does not have a simulator, you can replace these exercises 2-hour walk, swim or cycle ride.

The basic rules of the "home" of fitness

  • Exercises, it is important to do things right. To do this, follow the how and what muscles work at the moment, and adjust the load if necessary.
  • Start fitness muscle workout with the press, making 2 exercises in several ways.
  • Pay attention to not only the "problematic" parts of the body, otherwise you risk getting shortcomings elsewhere.
  • Be to imagine objective by body muscle to failure, because it is in this sense strength exercises.
  • Don't forget about proper nutrition and rest in a timely manner.

 Do things right to get even a little more than you want. Successful fitness!





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