How to pick the perfect rim?

Width points. The ideal width is the distance between the points your temples. Of course, you can purchase a frame smaller or larger sizes, but only if you feel comfortable in these glasses.

The height of points. The height of points-is also quite important aspect and, in most cases, it depends on your preferences. So, if you suffer from myopia, doctors recommend to order a higher rim to survey was more extensive. On the other hand, people who are looking for glasses for reading, can choose a narrow frame, which can be offset on the tip of his nose and look into the distance over the points. So it all depends on the desired review.

Form points. Appropriate form eyeglasses should not repeat the oval of the face, but rather to contrast.

  • Rectangular face perfect eyeglasses, stretched vertically, with rounded shapes.
  • People with a triangular type of person (a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and Chin) are advised to choose eyeglasses that visually expand the upper part of the face. For example, more vivid top line frames and inconspicuous low aimed into the lower parts of the rim, without rim at the bottom, under the form of a cat's eye.
  • "Inverted triangle" (broad forehead, high cheekbones and Chin) recommend eyeglasses, which expand to the bottom, "Aviator", "Butterfly", in the form of lower triangle, as well as oval-shaped glasses.
  • For this rare type of person, like diamond, you can try to pick up a square rim or a rim with a flat top and a rounded bottom, glasses with low-profile rim.
  • The square face is advised to acquire wide rim (this can be done as a form of eyeglasses and bright colours) horizontal proportions. Well just perfect oval shape. But clear rectangles have to abstain is only accentuate the angular facial features.
  • Oval face type you should choose frames in size in proportion to the face so as not to overshadow the owner points.

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