How to strengthen the health of the child

Each parent dreams that his child was as rare as possible. The common cold is fun, fairly expensive because being ill, we spend a huge amount of finance for drugs and tests. So this was not often, you should teach your body fight illness. No wonder they say: "healthy body healthy mind!". 

From early childhood, should encourage the child to active pastime. Babe enjoy massage, in addition, the gentle Mama's touch will help with the strengthening of muscles, the child learns to control his body faster, and stimulation of development. With the older child can together engage in gymnastics. Everyone knows that the child useful hardening, but before proceeding to the serious procedures begin better with conventional air baths. 

Later, you can go by oblivaniû, if the parents themselves do not support this type of hardening, start is also gradually, drenching the legs to start with a little warm water. And when a child suddenly reaches full water or snow boots, hardening helps get it cold without complications, but it's worth still consult your doctor.

Active movement improves the circulatory system, promotes saturation of oxygen to body cells. All this does not penetrate the viruses and bacteria in the body of the child. Not worth it to limit the activity of the kid, even if nabegavšis′ on the street, at home, he continues his "feats", then we should think about purchasing Swedish wall.
Lifestyle followed by parents, affects the health of the modern woman in many respects has a significant impact on the child. Do not expect from a child sporting achievements, if mom spends his spare time sitting in front of the tv, and the Pope is resting, drinking beer with friends.

Each new venture requires a lot of effort, so if you have a sports family is not honored, with the emergence of the baby should change their traditions and bring them something new. For example, in the morning you can jog in the Park, this course will need to get up early, but few children like to sleep on duty. Before going to bed you can stroll, it normalizes sleep and the organism that is resting fully becomes a hardier and healthier. The weekend just isn't worth it to spend at home, if you have a car, you can make outings. In the absence of your own, you can use the public transport and arrange a way out in the theatre or visit the circus.

An important role in promoting health is the day, this mode allows you to work the body as a "clock". Child nutrition should be balanced and varied as possible. Do not worry if a child eats little or even refuses to eat. Everyone knows the needs of your body and if you make the child eat through force, indigestion may occur. Not worth to offer child snacks from chips and soda, even the body of an adult it will be harmful. But adults are unlikely to be satisfied, if they offer mashed cauliflower, which is so useful for the baby. This situation is quite simple: Cook worth something like a child and adult, this may be Borscht, blintzes, salads of vegetables with the use of olive oil, the dessert better serve fruit. Do not forget to seasonal preparations, from the frozen berries year round it is possible to make different fruit drinks and cook compotes. Best to drink juice freshly squeezed, as vitamins are not stored in it for a long time, the child you will be happy to help.

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