What to do if your child "Unsportsmanlike"

All parents want to maintain the health of their children from an early age. Some do it by forcing the child to actively attend sport sections. But what if the child is far from the world of sports? In this article we will talk about "non-sporting" children and some of the problems associated with them.


Let's start with the notion of "sport". To date, the sporty lifestyle is popular enough. But it is worth noting that not only is access to the fitness centre and strict diets. It is, first and foremost, achieving results at the expense of health.

Lately the sport very important: different sections invite children from 4-5 years. The most popular have soccer, hockey, tennis. However, it is worth noting that this is too heavy and travmoopasnye types of spot for kids. But all parents want to see their child present athlete, and even better-the main champion of the world ".

Before, given to a child in a great sport, seem to him the doctor. Perhaps some sports is strictly prohibited, and any contrary-desirable. Unfortunately, many parents do not consult with a pediatrician, not to mention specialized expertise, and doctor will help to choose sports direction. From this choice depends the future of your child.

In most cases, the sports direction chosen by the parents, not asking the views of the child. In this case, they either choose the most popular destinations, or give the child in the closest to home section.

If the child does not want to?

It is worth remembering that the desire to exercise directly connected with the conduct of the parents. If you're not, the child also will not engage. The love of the sport should be inculcated from childhood.

Abandoning the sport is one of the first independent decisions of the younger kid. And pretty reckless will force the child attend classes through force.

The best thing is to try to interest the child in motor activity, by its example, as well as to encourage outdoor play and leisure.

You will do it!

In sport, in addition to physical exertion and is an emotional component. Many adults athletes sometimes can not make hitting that talk about the child!

It is believed that sport tempers the character. This is certainly true, but it is worth to pay great attention to the loads on the yet to be formed.

Many psychologists agree that the games and the port, children are driven by an innate desire to win. So if your child does not want to attend sport sections, perhaps he is simply afraid of defeat and ridicule.

Where to pay?

One of the safest sports is swimming. In addition it is recommended for children who have postural problems.

The doctor will help you choose the partition under physical features. But with the psychological aspects of the no one will do better than the parents themselves. If a kid a few little bit phlegmatic, its not worth it to team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, etc. Because of the slowness and carelessness it can not only cause resentment from the team, but also to get a serious injury. But this kid just needs to develop mindfulness and reaction that helps make both tennis and gymnastics.

Energetic kids, in principle you can give anywhere, the main thing is that he vypleskival his energy in the right direction. Most fidgets like throwing everything at the halfway point, so it's best to give them in team sports to evoke the desire to get a result.

Children who are already at an early age have their own opinion, proved his point of view, ideal for something extraordinary, such as horseback riding, fencing, or dancing.

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