How to choose an Epilator?

Many brands offer us a great range of epilators. To know how to choose an Epilator, need to focus on certain criteria.

When choosing is paramount, pay attention to the producer of the goods. This is extremely important, because famous brand guarantees quality and safety. Don't try to buy products more cheaply, because then you can be disappointed not only in functions, but a minimum time of use. Acquiring products hyped brand, you have full warranty card with the address of the Service Center and to guarantee consumer protection. In this case, when you see the problems you won't be left alone with his problem.

Design of epilators is also rich in his choice. Manufacturer is trying to make it more attractive as possible, convenient and logical. If you externally goods not attracted, it is better not to buy it. Today you can find the Epilator with good features, stylish design and affordable price.

When choosing a pay attention to form and ergonomics. You must take the product in hands, spinning, click existing buttons. It is important that the appliance was not slippery and tight lay in your hand. Current models are powered by batteries, which eliminates the need to have an outlet. Epilator wirelessly is very convenient to use on vacation, at sea and in the mountains, as well as in any corner of your home.

Current devices have not one a number of epilating discs and be sure the floating head. Shakes head, of course, reduces the quality of hair removal, but also adds to the ergonomics. If any function Epilator you exactly not needed, then it is not worth overpaying for it. Very important when selecting the Epilator is the availability of anesthesia. Inexpensive models, the lack of this feature, designed for women with smooth skin. The manufacturer offers a lot of unique accessories, but if you feel your pain threshold is low and you don't need, then you can do the standard budget model Epilator. Today anesthesia applied several techniques: cooling, stretching and massaging of the skin. Epilators with application of cooling have a special container which is first frozen and then inserted into the appliance. During the treatment the skin is cooled, that and reduces pain. The trade mark «Brown» produces cooling gel with rukavičku, which is also placed in the freezer, then mnogorazovo is used. There are also massage nozzles that reduce the pain of epilation. Using these nozzles is leather, rubbing the painful place. Mark Philips produces epilators with a rubber brush. At the time of epilation, you can take advantage of this feature, relax and massage your skin.

Some manufacturers produce epilators with nozzles for beginners, where èpilirovaniâ more prorežena. Though at one point is removed and fewer hairs but discomfort not so are appreciable. This nozzle is good for more sensitive areas of your body. Advantage appliance is also the presence of the trimmer, which helps with ingrown hairs will exfoliate the skin.

Keep the Epilator is better in a separate pouch, which often comes bundled with the product. So it will be convenient to find, and will last for lifetime. Today, manufacturers with a good reputation is the "Philips", "Braun", "Rowenta". When choosing a good read in advance the best Epilator reviews on forums and refuse from the Chinese fakes. Remember that the correctly selected the Epilator is the key to comfort and beauty.

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