How to restore strength and energy: soul Flower


Your soul is a beautiful flower, who wants to flourish, flourish. Allow yourself this in meditation and you will feel the changes in themselves and in their lives.

Sit back, close your eyes.

Imagine that you gently on the waves of the pokačivaetes′ energy of the universe. It's warm, pleasant wavelengths.

Inhale and exhale smoothly and steadily. and imagine, as with every breath you have chest blooms a beautiful flower.

This can be a Lotus, or rose, or any other flower, but it is not real, but rather energy is created from light.

It is very delicate, translucent, sparkling, sparkling, shining with different shades of color. Each petal-like light, not the blazing flames.

Imagine how disclosed petal by petal is open towards the world. Flower totally confident that peace will meet his love.

Imagine that you become in this drop-down flower. Breathe full breast and feel joy. Feel the delight of disclosure, the heyday of beauty, the phenomena of the world.


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