The infamous BPA-free, it turned out, destroys teeth

Bisphenol-a is a dangerous compound contained in some plastic container. It has already been linked to hormonal disorders and cancer. But recently, scientists started talking about bisfenole-and irreversible depletion of children's teeth, says The Daily Mail. So, the connection does not give the enamel formed properly.

Scientists urged to protect children from Bisphenol-a to 5 years. A similar effect of fungicide vinclozolin, which is commonly used in the processing of vineyards, golf courses and orchards. And Bisphenol-a, and vinclozolin relate to compounds that interfere with the hormonal background. They affect the hormones needed to stimulate the formation of enamel.

Experts emphasize: tooth enamel begins to form in the third trimester and finishes its formation when the child turns 5 years old. As shown by experiments with rodents, Bisphenol-a, or BPA-together with vinklozolinom influence on two genes which control the mineralization of the enamel.


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