Plank exercise really as useful as you promise?

In theory (based on the number of publications) "Strip" is one of the most popular exercises throughout the world. Also almost all experience this exercise celebrate it extraordinary. efficiency. Almost all of the referees "Lath" claim that "Strip makes work not only your abdominal muscles and shoulder girdle, but also the muscles of the whole body."

Where does this blind belief that the "Plank" is an extremely effective and very useful exercise? Everything is very simple: in the course is finally psevdologičeskoe "means".

Read the description made by one of the sites: "It (the plank) is to once a day as a" hover "above the floor for a few minutes, relying only on the hands and feet of musk. Undoubtedly, to be "in limbo", albeit two minutes is not an easy task. But the result will be forthcoming. After two weeks of regular sessions, you'll notice how to appreciate all the muscles in your body. "

So we see the authors ' reasoning that if you seriously stand stand in the required posture more than 30 seconds, then exercise effectively.

Unfortunately, all of this is nothing more than misleading. And the basis of this delusion that all exercises can be divided into static and dynamic. And if the first designed just for the development of strength, endurance, muscle volume, the latter are intended to strengthen the ligaments and tendons.

"Planck"-exercise extremely static. There are no movements, therefore, hoped that in two weeks you will have the stomach, or increase the back muscles or hands at least naive.

Performing the bar can only hope that you will increase the static endurance, mind you, it is static. This means that you can, for example, longer leave extended before a hand, but this does not guarantee that you will be able to raise this hand not 10 times as before, and 20.

What do you do? You must remember a simple truth that nature will not disappoint. If you really want to remove the belly, it's best to try sit-ups (even without encumbrances) or jumping through the rope. And static exercises like "Slat" better check out the main workout. In such a case, this exercise will effectively train the ligaments and tendons, stretch the muscles (due to the fact that after a strong static electricity more deep relaxation phase)


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