How to choose contact lenses

Contact lenses-medical product designed for vision correction and a suitable individual in accordance with the unique shape of his eyes. That is why only a specialist can find the right lens.

Step 1. Consult your doctor in the Salon of optics

Sign up for optics salon to check the quality of view and selection of lenses. Your first consultation with a specialist will take a little more time than the standard eye exams.

Step 2. To understand what lenses to choose, check your eyesight

How to choose contact lenses

Optics Salon specialist will check the health of your eyes and vision. He also advises what to choose contact lenses to improve the quality of vision.

The eyes tell a lot about the health of your entire body, so a specialist in optics salon can do not just pick up contact lenses, but also reveal signs of other diseases.

Step 3. Selection of contact lenses

Contact lenses need time to "landing", so the doctor put on the first pair, you need to wait 10 to 15 minutes. Then a specialist will check their position on the eyes. In the process of picking and choosing the best lenses for yourself, perhaps, will need to try on a pair.

Step 4. Select the best contact lenses for you

Lens selection is a very responsible thing. Different types of contact lenses require different care. The doctor will tell you which is best to choose a lens that they fully meet your needs for vision correction and match the lifestyle.

When the expert is confident that lenses provide good vision, and are firmly in place, it will teach you properly and quickly donning them and shoot. 

Step 5. Use contact lenses correctly!

Learn how to quickly remove and wear lenses is very simple. Doctor in optics salon where picked up lenses for you, will show you how to correctly put on and remove the lens from the eye and may give a written memo that you collect with itself.

Step 6. Lens care tips

If, after the selection of contact lenses you have decided to use the lenses for vision correction, replacement daily wear them during the day and then just throw away. Products care frequent rotations requires a bit more time.

Step 7. Enjoy the advantages of lenses!

Once you have found the contact lenses, you can enjoy absolute freedom and look just as you like!

Step 8. Regularly check the vision

Over time, the need for vision correction can be changed. Visit a specialist in optics or ophthalmologist should at least once a year.

If you notice blurred vision, feel discomfort while wearing lenses, or worried, whether lenses are not harmful to your eyes, don't wait for a scheduled visit. In this case, an appointment to the doctor stands for an appointment as soon as possible.


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