5 reasons to write the child to football

If your son loves to chase the ball down, write it in the appropriate section: new Pele, a child can be, and will not, but classes exactly will go to him.

  1. Football develops agility, coordination, endurance, and communication skills. Workout from beginner players continue -2 1.5 hours and pass at least 3 times a week. First the guys engage in physical training-run, jump and stretch, and then begin to practice strikes still ball and master a pair of passes. Over time, the program is strengthened: the children are taught the basics of acrobatics and offer to play with each other in various football situation. And here is directly on the game of soccer at first, only 15-20 minutes.

  2. Contraindications to classes of football. But just in case, before the record's son in the partition, consult your pediatrician (so much so that without help the kid still won't take).
  3. Football kids can start with 3.5 years. In some sports schools have a preparatory group which can deal with kids older than 3.5 years. In most football sections take kids from 5-6 years. Typically, this is serious training bases (so-called ADULTS) that aim to grow from boys to these athletes.

  4. Team sport helps to learn to live together. This skill comes in handy in the future and will help your child make friends today.

  5. Football helps the child to become an active and self-confident. In any junior team athletes always have the greatest authority. Make a note of the child to the football section, and he would have no problems in communicating with peers both in school and in the yard.

Sports section

SDISOR "trudovye rezervy"

For over 70 years, this school prepares players for the best Russian clubs. Is very serious: coaches are always looking for talented guys in kindergartens and schools. Take here all the kids, but after some time, many of them will be dismissed as not enough perspective. With each group operate two coaches (as in Europe), and therefore in the classroom all students receive enough attention. 
Classes: 3 times a week 
Age: 5 years 
Address: Moscow, UL. Lower Pervomayskaya, 52 
Phone: (495) 965 4219, (495) 965 7828 

Chertanovo football school

Under the roof of the chertanovo employs the best trainers from all over Russia. When ADULTS running a boarding school, where they live and learn how talented guys who came from other cities. Here great domestic and training conditions, and lessons with this absolutely free. The school accepts children from 5 years. A chance to get into command chertanovo increases if the kid attended training courses. With the unpromising students here, as everywhere, especially not let. 
Classes: 2-3 times a week 
Age: 5 years, preparatory courses from 3.5 years 
Address: Moscow, UL. Chertanovskaya, 7, c. 3 
Phone: (495) 311 7569, (495) 311 6212 

Krylia Sovetov

"Teach, train, train, train"-this is the motto of this school. In krylia Sovetov take kids from 4 years and the selection here, unlike most of the other sections is very strictly. While still in high school there are ad hoc groups, for the "late" children who become football players after they had reached the age of 10 years. 
Classes: 3 times a week 
Age: 4 years 
Address: Moscow, PR-t Budennogo, 17A 
Phone: (915) 464 2197 

«Zenit» Change

The children's ward of one of the most popular Russian clubs. Specialized children-youthful School of Olympic reserve football team «change» was opened in June 1968 year. Preparation of young football players here are engaged in very serious: in spite of the fact that the school take all the guys without exception, screenings occur frequently. 
Classes: 3 times a week 
Age: 5 years 
Address: Saint-Petersburg, UL. Fidelity, 21 
Phone: (812) 535 4613, 535 8603 

FC «Burevestnik»

"Thunderbird" is a very good training base: in addition to the beautiful gyms there are three football fields-garevoe, grass and artificial (it is considered the best in Moscow). 
Classes: 2-3 times a week 
Age: from 6 years 
Address: Moscow, UL. Agriculture, 26, Iskra Stadium 
Phone: (499) 181 5380 

YSS "Ural"

The most gifted and promising players after studying in this school are enrolled in the school of Olympic reserve. And then-understandably-guys waiting game in youth and adult teams. Education is free of charge. Take all comers. 
Classes: 3 times a week 
Age: from 6 years 
Address: Ekaterinburg, UL. Kirovgradskaâ, 39A 
Phone: (343) 366 3657 

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